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Author’s note: Before you read further, be advised that this story contains brutal, violent and graphically detailed savagery committed against women.Do not believe for a moment that I condone the type of brutal behavior towards women that I write about. This is a fantasy. In a fantasy, if you stick a pin into someone’s rear end, they might get aroused, or think it’s funny. In real life, that pinprick fucking HURTS! And it’s not arousing, or sexy, by any means; nor are any other of the brutal acts described herein.To my fans: Please be aware that this is a ‘work in progress’, and that there have been some changes made from the original (hopefully for the better) as I apply my futile efforts into improving this work. For those of you still reading – enjoy!Dank(P.S. - This is pretty long, so it would probably be easier to read if you download it first [select the entire text, then copy it into your word processor]. That way, if you get tired of reading, just type 'Start here', and save it. Then just search for 'Start here' when you're ready to read more!)The Adventures of Béla, the Vampire GirlBook 1: Target GirlPart 1Chapter 1Matthew met her at the Target Club. Angela had short-cropped red hair, bright green nails, lipstick and eyelashes to match. She stood there waiting for his order, looking at him like he was a tempting and illegal afternoon snack. They liked each other right off and he flirted with her all evening. When it was her turn to go on stage, he whistled and applauded like everyone else, but he watched her face – not her tits or her bare ass. She liked that about him. By the end of her shift, she’d agreed to go out with him, although she knew it was against the club rules. Instead of taking her to where he lived, though, he’d brought her here, to his private dungeon, a basement room in an abandoned warehouse in the industrial district two miles outside of town. There wasn’t anyone around for miles. Of course, she tried to run as soon as he stopped the car. But he was very athletic and she was terrified – too terrified to concentrate on running, or even defending herself. She actually had a gun in her purse, but she fumbled it and he easily, laughingly, took it away from her. Then he dragged her into the building, kicking and screaming.Once inside his concrete sanctuary, he actually turned her loose. She immediately attacked him, trying to subdue him quickly with kung-fu-like moves. But Matthew knew all the moves and enjoyed playing with her, kicking, bruising, hurting the terrified young stripper. He really liked capturing a young girl when she had enough spirit to fight him. He loved the excitement of watching a girl fight for her life, so he never considered restraints or gags, preferring instead to just beat the fight out of her. The longer and harder a girl fought, the more satisfying it was when she was finally beaten down and subdued. After the first few moments, Angela cracked completely. She simply backed into a corner, whimpering, and let him rape her. She begged. She pleaded. She promised him everything, but she was too terrified to fight him anymore, even when – especially when – he pulled the long, serrated commando blade out of his boot.He took a long time cutting her and listening to her scream. When Angela fainted for the fifth time from the sight of her own blood, Matthew was so upset with her lackluster performance that he butchered her, chopping her into little pieces, starting with her fingers and arms until she finally bled to death. He tossed her remains into three trash bags and threw them into the middle of the street on the other side of town.A week later, Matthew was back at the same strip club, determined to get a pretty girl with some real fight in her. Strippers were his specialty. They teased and taunted, but never delivered. Matthew considered himself the avenging angel for all men, making certain each captured tormentor of men delivered everything, including her life, to him.This time he was much more selective and found a tiny, black haired girl with large, almond-shaped eyes that seemed to see wonder in everything. She was intoxicating, exuberant – a tormentor so full of life that he knew butchering her would be the single biggest thrill of his morbid, painful existence.She was small; not bony, but ‘petite’ and about five feet tall. Her olive skin, black hair and eyes indicated an exotic, mixed racial background. She could have been an Arabian princess or, more likely, mixed Semitic and French, considering that the French had spent the last couple of centuries mixing their blood with almost everyone else’s on the planet. ‘Béla,’ she said her name was, had an adventurous look in her eyes that told him she searched out excitement and liked getting into trouble. Tonight, he would give her more excitement and a lot more trouble than she could handle.Wearing only a G-string and black mesh stockings, she sat, straddling his lap, her body filled with so much sexual energy that she could barely sit still. Some part of her always seemed to be moving or swaying in some sensuous manner.“What would you like to do to me,” she whispered into his ear, “if we were alone, and you could do anything you wanted?” Although he was startled at her odd question, he felt strangely compelled to tell his sweet tormentor the truth of what he planned for her. When he did, she’d pressed her naked breasts against him and kissed him passionately, right on the lips. Then she sat up, undulating her hips and belly in that incredibly sexy manner that seemed to belong to her, alone.“Like this?” she asked, almost whispering with her eyes full of wonder. She sensuously raked her thumbnail up from her pelvis to her rib cage, leaving a red welt on her skin as she ground her hips against him. Her face was flushed as well as her breasts, and her breathing was heavy as she mimicked his gutting of her. Her eyes glowed with excitement as they gazed steadily into his. He was sure she’d just had an orgasm, right there in front of him, straddling his lap with her sexy, tightly laced legs.Later, Matthew watched her dance on the stage, fascinated with her, imagining little rivulets of blood running down her writhing torso where he would stab her repeatedly. After she came off stage, Béla invited him into a special room in the back to act out his fantasy, offering to be his very own, personal Target Girl – for a price, of course. He declined, suspecting it to be a trap. When she then offered her ‘services’ for free, he was certain that it was a trap and she was attempting to catch a killer all on her own. Well, he would give her the chance to let him act out his ‘fantasy’, but not here. He found out when she got off, and caught her in the alley behind the bar on her way home, beat her senseless and brought her to his basement lair. When she woke up, she was lying on a cold, concrete floor. She groaned, not too loudly, but loud enough to attract Matthew’s attention.“Ah, you’re awake,” Matthew grinned at her. “Good!”Béla grunted as he kicked her in the side. She realized that the kick was intended to infuriate her rather than incapacitate her – it wasn’t that hard a kick. The one he’d given her behind the bar after he’d thrown her down to the ground had been much heavier and more brutal, intended to completely incapacitate her. Even though she’d seen that one coming and rolled with it as much as she could, he’d still knocked her senseless.“Get up, whore!” Matthew yelled as he kicked her bare midriff again.Béla grunted at the impact and groaned a protest as she tried to rise to her feet. She staggered upright and fell back against the concrete wall, staring around at her surroundings in a dazed manner.“You’re… Matthew?” Béla asked, deliberately sounding unsure of herself.The more he believed she was helpless, the more likely she could surprise him later.“Yeah,” Matthew grinned. “And you’re dead meat, slut!”“Where are we?” Béla asked, looking around, not realizing she’d given herself away.She was the first girl he’d ever brought here who included him in her question. Every other self-centered beauty had asked, ‘Where am I?’ But the answer he gave this one was the same answer he always gave. One question wasn’t going to absolve her of the penalty she owed – that all women everywhere owed.“This is your tomb, slut,” he informed her. “This is where I’ve brought you to die.”There were no windows, and only the one iron door on the opposite wall, incidentally behind Matthew. The cold dampness of the concrete and the smell of stale moisture told her the room was probably underground. It could well be a tomb, and probably had been for Angela, and maybe others, as well.“Angela?” she asked, deciding to find out.Matthew grinned. “She was weak, and wouldn’t even fight for her life. She bled for hours before I let her die, and she died screaming. If you fight well, slut, I’ll let you die less painfully than she did.”“You want to fight me?” Béla asked, less afraid of him, now. “Wouldn’t you rather have me dance for you? You know – your own private show?”“You’ll dance and twist your belly back and forth while I cut you up!” Matthew snarled.Matthew laughed as the girl seemed to seriously consider that. It was a cruel sound, and he said, “I don’t fight ‘girls’, they fight me! I just crush them, and beat them, and make them bleed. Girls are too weak for me to fight! They are only good for killing! Killing and fucking!”“Don’t you mean that the other way around?” Béla asked, trying to get his goat.The grin on his face widened, telling her that he preferred the sequence of actions in the order he’d stated them. Any girl he took would be killed, then fucked.Matthew was pleased with the concerned expression on the stripper’s face, now. The stupid slut was in serious trouble, and she’d finally figured that out. Still, she took him by surprise when she leaped straight at him, knocking him halfway across the room as she bolted for the door.Of course, the iron door was locked, and the girl’s cry of frustration turned into one of surprise and terror when he grabbed her from behind and slammed her against the wall. Using his weaker, left hand, he slapped her back and forth across her face, listening with pure pleasure to each yelp of pain and indignation each blow wrested from her.On the forth swing to backhand her face yet again, the little stripper, instead of sliding down the wall in a state of battered pain and confusion, grabbed his incoming arm with both hands and took a good-sized chunk of flesh out of his left wrist with her teeth.Matthew roared with pain and swept his right arm down and across her face, hitting her much harder than he had up until now, slamming her backward and watching with smug satisfaction as she bounced off the concrete wall and fell forward. He’d hit her so hard that her face was bleeding from the cuts his knuckles had made in her flesh.“No more playin’, Bitch!” he snarled at her, pulling that commando blade out of his boot. “Now you die!”He savagely slashed at her face, intending to cut right through her bloody mouth, only to discover he missed her completely as she dropped to her knees and launched forward to tackle him around the waist. The impact drove him backward several steps, but he didn’t fall. The fierce little slut simply didn’t have the mass or body weight to bring him down with a move like that.Then Matthew roared again as the girl sank her teeth into his ribcage and tore a good mouthful of flesh away. Bringing down an elbow into her back broke her grip on him and she fell to the floor, sliding down his legs, scratching and biting him all the way to the floor.He brutally kicked her back against the wall again, grinning as he saw all the blood on her. Then he realized that most of the blood covering her face and breasts was his, not hers. A two-inch gash on her cheek from his fist, earlier, was her only wound, so far.“You ready to fight a girl, yet?” she asked, daring to grin at him with that bloody face. “Or can I munch on you some more…”The savage little slut was breathing hard and barely able to stand up after that last kick, and she was taunting him? Matthew couldn’t believe it.Snarling, he crouched down into a fighting stance, his arms crooked forward like crawfish claws – his commando knife waving in the little slut’s face. She smiled at him and vanished beneath his arms again. He was ready for her this time, though, and brought both elbows down into her back as her teeth scraped his ribs on the other side as she intended to give him matching ‘hickeys’ on his ribcage.Béla grunted and dropped to the floor, her breath knocked out of her. With a victorious shout, Matthew slashed down with his blade, nearly missing the slut’s narrow torso as she rolled sideways in her attempt to get away from him. Instead of stabbing her in a kidney, the knife carved into and across Béla’s midriff.Despite the painful wound he gave her, she kept rolling until she reached the wall behind her, then used it to brace against as she pushed back onto her bare feet.Matthew noticed with pleasure that she wasn’t smiling, now. She still didn’t look very afraid, but he would change that in a moment or so. From the odd look in her eyes, he believed for an instant that the slut had actually enjoyed getting wounded. But that was impossible, of course. That rapt, lustful look was most likely a misinterpretation on his part of the way a girl gazes at a man in her determination to find his weakness. That was, after all, how women fought men, wasn’t it? Find his weakness and exploit it? He anticipated a wonderful time carving her up and listening to her scream.The little stripper was hunched down, holding her hand against where his blade had carved three or four inches into her soft, sensitive flesh under her ribs. Blood dribbled through her fingers where she pressed tightly in her attempt to keep it from bleeding too much. She was breathing heavily, watching his every move warily.They circled. Matthew was surprised that the girl wasn’t staggering by now. Normally, internal bleeding from a body wound like that would weaken and disorient his victim. But within a minute, she was completely ignoring her wound. It even appeared to have stopped bleeding.After waiting almost two minutes for the girl to rush him again, he sighed and looked away for an instant, pretending boredom. In that second, Béla dove under his guard, viscously attacking him, grabbing his knife hand and pushing herself in close. She sank her teeth into his jaw, tearing flesh and muscle from his face. Snarling, Matthew grabbed her hair and pulled her face off his, ignoring the tearing pain of his skin, still tightly gripped in her teeth, as it ripped away from the muscle and tissue underneath. He had a good grip on her, now and he twisted her around so that he was behind her, his arm wrapped around her head. His knife, coming in from her right side, sank deeply into her belly this time. The short, surprised grunt she made was so erotic that he could feel his body becoming aroused. This was truly going to be a good kill. Holding her writhing body tightly against him, Matthew twisted the knife around in her belly and cut deep up and beneath her ribs, slashing into her lungs and severing some main arteries deep inside her lithe body. She was so thin the sharp tip of the knife poked out through her back between two ribs and scratched his pectoral muscle as she twisted furiously back and forth in his arms. Her movements against his body were so arousing that even his own knifepoint slicing a bloody streak across his shirt only excited him more.“Yer dancin’, now, Bitch!” Matthew gasped in his efforts to hold onto her as he carved away. Béla snarled her rage at him and coughed as blood began to fill her wounded lung, refusing to believe that this fight was over and she’d lost.She went limp for a few seconds, and Matthew automatically loosed his grip on her, believing he’d wounded her beyond her ability to fight back. Then Béla twisted violently around in his arms to face him, her unexpected movement pulling the blood-slicked knife right out of his hand. Facing him now, still tightly held in his arms, she snarled again and tore into his neck with her teeth. Matthew savagely pushed her against the wall and smashed heavily against her, crushing the wind out of her lungs. She cried out in agony as he ripped the knife out of her and viciously jabbed it into her diaphragm and her soft belly several more times. Then he raised the knife over his head to dramatically plunge it into her chest, right in the heart.As he began the fatal downward stroke, he realized that the girl was already unconscious; shock, the loss of blood and those last brutal wounds finally taking their toll on the nubile little stripper. She slid down the wall, marking where she’d been with a wide streak of dark red from several wounds where his knife had pierced completely through and out her back.Gasping for air, Matthew dropped down with one knee on each side of her hips. He gingerly touched at the torn flesh on his jaw and his neck while he gazed down at her unconscious, bleeding body, admiration mixed with conquest gleaming in his eyes.He’d never known a pretty girl who had fight left in her after he’d bruised her precious face or slashed her perfect body once or twice. Most girls were so vain that they would rather be dead and beautiful than alive and scarred. What they preferred didn’t matter. When he was finished with them, they were not beautiful. But they were very dead.Looking at her lying on the floor between his legs, Matthew realized that this dying girl had loved this fight, and she’d fought savagely, bravely, careless of her own incurred injuries. She had closed with him several times, careless of his blade just so she could viciously rake his face and body with her teeth and nails. This one had been a vicious fighter, but not particularly trained in any of the defensive arts. He realized that, if she had been more trained, this little slut could possibly have beaten him.Matthew gently, almost reverently picked her up and laid her out on the sacrificial table in the center of the room. He ran his hands over her breasts and belly, smearing blood from several cuts and the slashes he’d given her while they fought. The feel of her blood-slicked body beneath his hands was incredibly arousing; so arousing in fact that he didn’t notice there were no longer any cuts beneath the blood on her taut, smooth flesh. He put his hands between her legs and forced his fingers inside her. He was surprised to find that she was sopping wet. Evidently, fighting and physical pain seriously aroused this girl. No wonder she had fought so hard. He unfastened his jeans and fondled his hard-on for a moment before pulling her unconscious form to the edge of the table and entering her. As Matthew shoved up inside the girl, she moaned and began to move. She coughed several times to clear her lungs, causing Matthew to grin at the sensations her pelvic muscles provided him with each convulsion of her body.He was ready for her to begin her screaming, now, and raised his knife high above his head. Then he plunged it like a sacrificial blade deep into her lower belly. It was a stroke designed, not to kill right away, but to cause excruciating agony as she bled her life-blood out into her guts.Béla gasped as the sharp blade sank into her belly, slashing white-hot through her flesh and deep into her gut, waking her instantly. She grabbed her attacker’s wrists helplessly as his arm moved up, then down, then up and down again, each stroke creating an new, agonizing sensation of hot lava in her soft belly. Each downward stroke rewarded Matthew with another violent convulsion against his cock buried inside her.Finally, she lay quivering; gasping for air through pierced lungs, her stomach too ripped up to fight any more. Her torn and slashed muscles would no longer hold her up.Béla mentally performed the mantra she’d learned centuries ago to separate herself from the agonizing pain in her belly and chest. The pain began to disperse more evenly throughout her nervous system. In a very short time, she had her nervous system reprogrammed so she could sensually ‘ride’ on the incredible pain she was experiencing. She felt her body responding sexually as the agony in her belly and chest was dispersed more evenly. Now, her pussy, belly and breasts tingled as an intense orgasm began building up.Béla cried out as he stabbed her again, this time with orgasmic pleasure rather than pain. Her body convulsed and she clamped down against his invading penis as orgasm after orgasm swept through her. Matthew could tell there was some subtle difference in the young stripper’s cries, now, and was determined to create enough pain in her body so that her death cry would be one of eternal agony. The knife sliced into her yet again as he slashed her left breast open. Béla was losing control as blinding pain and pure, white-hot sensation overwhelmed her entire body. Matthew slashed her other breast, carving it in half right through her nipple, destroying its perfect symmetry forever. As he began carving on her face, she lost her hold on the sensations she was experiencing and blacked out for a few seconds.Matthew rammed into her again while drawing a decorative, wavy line from her left cheek down to her belly with his blade. His heart was pounding in his chest and it was hard to breathe. This girl was incredibly superior the one he’d brought here last weekend. Not only was this little slut stripper still conscious, but she was soaking wet and leaking constantly between her legs. If he didn’t know for certain how much pain he’d caused her, he would begin to believe she was actually getting off on the sexual destruction of her body.Béla began to tremble violently in orgasm, unable to control her body at all, now. Matthew realized the girl was finally in her death throes as her insides clamped down against his invading cock almost painfully. He could feel his orgasm nearing, a rush of explosive sensation raging through his pelvis and nearly overpowering him in its intensity. He raised the knife blade over his head with both hands to deliver the final blow as he came. With a guttural scream, he stabbed the knife down through her abdomen, pinning her to the table repeatedly as he came again and again into her dying body, filling her convulsing cunt with the most powerful orgasm he could remember.He leaned, gasping, legs and body trembling, over her steaming, bloody corpse, his face inches from the freshly gaping holes still pumping blood around his blade, sucking in the smell of her fresh blood through his nose and mouth. His other hand slipped in the blood on the table as he tried to keep his balance.Sticky red liquid spurted as he pulled his knife blade free. The smell of it was intoxicating. Her blood was everywhere, making the table and floor slippery. He watched as it pumped out of her body. ‘She still alive!’ he suddenly realized. ‘Her heart still beats!’Béla lay, senseless and still, beneath him. Matthew’s pelvis was surrounded and soaked with her hot, sticky flesh, his penis throbbing with his need for another release. He sat up, straddling her torso – his ass and balls slippery against her soft, blood-slicked belly, the sensation making his need for another release even more intense.He wiped his hands and knife against his bare chest as he sat on her thin, bloody stomach. He thrust his knife deeply up and into her diaphragm, feeling her twitch once at the impact of his knife as it penetrated something vital inside her. His entire body was rigid and he was trembling violently. He didn’t notice, as he gazed down at her gory, blood-covered body, that the wound he’d made up under her rib cage earlier was already completely healed. He guided his hard member into the hot, bleeding vagina he had just created in her diaphragm with his knife. Now he could feel her lungs moving, her heart pounding wildly against his hardness. He began to thrust into her chest cavity, gruesomely rocking her dying body and head forward and back, his hands and knees slipping in her blood as it flowed freely from her new wound. His second orgasm was even more intense than his first. As he pumped his semen into her chest, he stabbed his knife down into her heart, feeling her body convulse as her heart emptied its bloody contents into the freshly gaping wound with its final beat. He felt a tremor beneath him as she died. Feeling enormously sated, and exhausted as well, he collapsed down on top of her, a hollow, weak laugh escaping his throat. Matthew’s most recent acquisition lay unmoving beneath him, her snarls and screams finally silenced, her lungs still, blood slowly oozing from her butchered corpse. “You were really good, babe. Too bad I can’t ask for a repeat performance,” his raspy voice sounded back at him from the cold, stone basement walls, unsteady and hoarse from his exertions. He wasn’t disappointed, though. There were still hours of pleasure ahead of him, cutting her up and fucking her various body parts as he prepared her for final disposal.He looked down at her lying beneath him. “Girl, you’re a real piece of work. I should take pictures. I could sell you for a lot of money.”After a moment, he slid off her cooling body, still considering this new potential for income. Raw pieces of meat and drying blood stuck to him as he moved. His dick and balls were soaked dark red. He could feel blood coagulating in the crack of his ass. It made his balls slide around between his legs. That he should be covered in her blood and gore felt right, somehow. It made him feel fulfilled and complete.Matthew’s feet slipped on the floor when he tried to stand and his hand squished down into her gory, slashed-open abdomen as he caught his balance. Her blood seemed to sting his hand in revenge. Straightening up, he smeared his hand across his body and staggered unsteadily across the room. Her blood seemed to boil on his skin. Now that he had come, he noticed his dick was burning, too – almost in revenge for what he’d done to her.‘Must’ve gotten some stomach acid on me,’ he decided and he stumbled in to the bathroom to shower it off.Behind him, Béla lay on the table, her heart, chest and stomach ripped open, her dead body cooling. Blood stopped oozing from her wounds and began to coagulate. On a cellular level, however, there was a great deal of activity. Cells that were still alive were growing and dividing, devouring damaged tissue and absorbing blood to repair the damage to her heart. The semen pumped into her pelvis and chest was also absorbed, the pure protein and life-giving enzymes becoming an added boost for growth and repair. In just a few minutes, her heart, healed with fresh muscle tissue, began beating once again. Her body temperature immediately began to rise.Béla awoke suddenly, gasping for air. She felt incredible; a new birth, a fresh, raw body. She kept her eyes closed and breathed deeply, luxuriating in the sensation of her body renewing itself. Being murdered would be her favorite hobby if she could get it to happen more often. In the last hundred years, she’d only managed it three times, this being the third.After a time, she opened her eyes. She was still on the table in the center of the room. As she looked down at herself, she could see she was naked, covered with blood and loose chunks of her own flesh. Half of her left breast was missing, her breast tissue regenerating more slowly than more vital parts of her body. She lay back on the table, surprised, but pleased at the completeness of her butchery. This much regeneration would keep her young for a long time.‘Wow! I missed a lot,’ she thought to herself, still somewhat disappointed. She realized she would have to lie here for awhile until her stomach muscles healed enough for her to even sit up. Her lower abdomen was still intact (he probably didn’t want to stab himself in the dick), but the rest of the muscle tissue in her torso was shredded. ‘Almost tenderized,’ she thought humorously.While her body regenerated, her mind drifted back to the last time she was murdered. Around fifty years ago, a Nazi officer she met at a party in Chicago had invited her to spend ‘Hanukkah’ with him. He evidently thought she was Jewish from her complexion and the slight trace of her accent. When she accepted and arrived a week later, she’d been arrested and taken from the airport directly to his quarters at some military camp, threatened and whipped, then thrown into a cell. The next day, she, along with several young Jewish girls, was strapped to heavy metal tables, naked and shivering in the cold, winter air of the unheated room. Béla was first in line as her host officer came into the room and smiled at her.“Welcome to your death, Judisch Bauersfrau,” he grinned at her. “You have traveled halfway around the world to participate in an experiment of great importance to der Fuhrer. This experiment will demonstrate how well designed our new field grenades are, and how they can tear a body into pieces. Unfortunately for you, you will not survive, but your contribution will be filmed for posterity.“Each of you,” the tall, proud officer said, smiling maliciously at the other young Jewish girls, “will have the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to withstand the weapons of war which will be used to show how fragile the ‘chosen people’ are, in reality. This will also be a demonstration of your faith – how you face death. I am certain that der Fuhrer will enjoy watching the film we make of your contribution.”A heavy camera was moved into the room and began to whir as it slowly moved up and down the length of the room, carefully filming the captured women with their breasts bared and their pubic mounds exposed as the tables they were strapped to forced them upward. Béla never found out what happened to the other crying, mewling girls, as she was the first to demonstrate her ‘faith’. Tightly bound and unable to speak for the gag in her mouth, she felt, rather than saw, something large and cold being pressed against her vulva.Despite the fact that she was frightened and uncertain of what would happen, she was also sexually excited. The soldier messing around between her legs made some obviously crude comment, which she didn’t understand, not knowing any German. The cold, hard object was slowly inserted about halfway up inside her. Then she heard a metallic snap and everyone quickly moved away. The cameraman backed away as far against the wall as he was able, still filming.The grenade blew her belly open, showering everyone and everything in the room with her bloody guts, leaving her hipbones exposed with most of her belly blown completely away. Béla looked down at herself, stunned and disbelieving. A weak whimper of surrender escaped her lips as she watched her own half-gutted body cavity filling with blood as it spurted down from her chest. Then she fainted.When she woke up, she found herself in a huge open ditch with hundreds of fresh and not so fresh dead bodies. Surprisingly, not many were bloating as she remembered bodies on ancient battlefields did – most of the torsos of these corpses were either completely missing, or riddled with enough bullet holes to prevent the accumulation of internal gasses.It had taken three days for her hipbones and pelvis to grow back. She never ever again wanted to think about what she’d been forced to devour during those three days while she healed.Afterward, she found her Nazi lover and, after retrieving some much-needed vital fluids from his neck, released him from his earthly suffering. After she escaped the country, she decided not to let any smooth-talking military types talk her into any more holidays in fun-filled, modernistic Germany.A movement in the room brought her mind back to the present. She held her breath and watched through slitted eyes as a man, naked, walked across the filthy room. Her attacker had showered and was drying off with a large (pink?) towel. He threw it over a chair and, still naked, opened the door of the nearby refrigerator.‘Nice ass,’ she thought, gazing at his naked figure. ‘He keeps himself fit. He should be really tasty.’“I may as well retire. It ain’t gonna get no better than you, Darlin’,” he said aloud to himself as he waved a bottle of beer in her direction before popping the lid. He tilted his head up and downed half the bottle, making crude noises in his throat as he swallowed. “Damn bitch!” he exclaimed softly as he touched the raw, exposed muscle on his cheek. Then he smiled, savoring the moment at the club when he had dared to tell the hot little stripper how he would violate her sweet, tender body with his blade. Her reaction had been completely unexpected, but incredibly erotic. He wished he could butcher her all over again, but settled for another swallow of cold beer. There was still a lot he planned to do to her.‘Once you’ve had the best…’ he thought to himself, ‘you might as well rest! Hey, Hey! That rhymes!’ He took another big swallow of beer.Behind him, Béla sat up and silently slid her mutilated body off the table.Gentle, dark eyes glowed from her scarred, knife-decorated face as she padded softly across the room toward him.While setting the beer bottle on the sink, Matthew noticed a slight movement in the corner of his eye. He swirled around and found himself staring in horror at the bloody corpse of the young girl he’d just butchered, more terrified of her standing there than he was of actually dying.‘Why are they always so frightened by their victims?’ Béla wondered curiously as she reached for him. ‘Is he so afraid of women that he has to butcher them to get off?’Matthew tried to scream, but couldn’t draw a breath. He backed into the corner of the room, nearly toppling the refrigerator as the gory apparition moved forward and lifted its arms to embrace him. Snarling, he tried to push the unnatural thing away, horrified by actually having to touch it. ‘What’s wrong, my love?’ he heard in his mind. ‘You didn’t have any trouble touching me earlier…Matthew screamed and cried out, “Get away from me!”‘Hold me… make love to me again… Let me give you the pleasure you’ve given me… My dearest love…’“Noooooo!”Gently wrapping her arms around his neck, Béla pulled herself up his body, smearing her half-congealed blood all over his freshly washed bare chest. She embraced him lovingly, then, bracing herself with her arms over his shoulders, wrapped her legs around his waist as well, her hands tightly grasping each other behind his neck.Filled with horror, violently slamming against walls and falling over chairs, Matthew struggled to get free. Her body was so slippery with her own blood that he couldn’t get enough of a grip to dislodge her. ‘Mine… forever…’ he heard the dead thing whisper lovingly into his head, terrifying him even more.He felt her hot breath on his skin as she laid her head on his shoulder. Her hair was corpse-cold and sticky with congealed blood. As her teeth sank into his neck, he began to shake convulsively. There was an incredible pain in his chest that arched down into his left arm.‘I’m having a heart attack!’ he realized, terrified all over again. ‘I must be hallucinating. This can’t be happening! It isn’t possible! Zombies only happen in movies!’Desperately grabbing her wet, sticky hair with both hands, he pulled back on her head, trying to release his neck from her toothy grasp. Tightening her arms around his neck, she bit down harder. In his terror, he heard her growling protest, “MMNNooooo…. My turn now…” ‘Holy Moses – She’s a vampire!’ Matthew suddenly realized, understanding divine retribution, now. ‘God, forgive me! I’m going to die!’His feet slipped in fresh urine and his legs went out from beneath him.Béla’s teeth sank deeper into his neck and a contented sigh escaped her lips as the fresh, hot pulse of new life spurted into her mouth. She was so blissfully deep into her feeding that she scarcely noticed the impact of their entwined bodies crashing to the floor.Matthew’s heart beat painfully loud in his head as his life-blood was sucked out of his body. His penis engorged itself in one final effort to survive, taking up its small amount of blood for a last procreative thrust. Béla felt the insistent pressure between her legs and agreeably moved herself to accommodate him. She gently slid down on his growing member and rocked her pelvis back and forth, fucking him gently as she fed, her lips forming a tight seal on his neck as she continued swallowing the hot, life-giving fluid spurting into her mouth and down her throat. His heart, finally depleted of blood, gave one final, chest-racking thump and shuddered to a halt. His engorged penis convulsed several times as Béla received his final gift into her ravaged body. Béla gazed into Matthew’s wide open, dead eyes as she wiped excess blood off her face with the back of her hand. She sighed, content, but once again alone.‘Rest in peace, Angela,’ she thought, casting her thoughts into the darkness, ‘This butcher won’t hurt anyone ever again.’Sated, Béla fell asleep on top of her late host as her body continued to heal from the cruel savagery that had been inflicted on her.Chapter 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Béla stood in front of the Target Club wondering how she was going to get into her upstairs apartment. Her keys were in her coat pocket and she had no idea where her coat was. It had disappeared somewhere between the time Matthew had surprised her behind the club Friday night and when she woke up a few hours ago in his private little sanctuary. It was probably in his car, wherever that was.She wasn’t sure what day it was, but from the traffic, it was probably Monday. From the putrid condition of what she’d slept on, she estimated she’d been unconscious for at least a day, maybe two, while her body continued to heal and regenerate.She’d used Matthew’s shower to wash herself off, then took his coat and left, unable to find any other clothing that hadn’t been ruined in their violent encounter. She had wandered around for awhile, looking for a car with her coat in it, but finally gave up. Recognizing where she was, she had walked the three miles back to her club from the industrial area in which she’d found herself. She walked along the gravel road barefoot, with her hands dug deep into the big, loose coat pockets, her shoulders hunched against the bitter, early spring wind. In the last hour of her journey, cars began going by in the opposite direction; first shift factory workers on their way in to work. Some of them honked at her, but no one offered her a ride. There were penalties for being late to work.The cold wind whipped up under her coat, reminding her, once again, that she had nothing on underneath. Barefoot and shivering in the cold, she banged her fist on the door of her club. Her hand hurt from the cold and seemed tiny and ineffectual. The noise her soft flesh made against the hard wooden door seemed to go unnoticed.It was getting light. The overcast sky promised one last dying winter storm. The temperature had dropped at least ten degrees in the last hour of her journey. Her bare feet and legs were numb and at the same time burning from the cold, plus her feet were sore and bruised from walking on all those rocks. Her hands were cold enough so that pounding on the door hurt her fist, but she banged on the door anyway; harder, this time.“Frank? Are you in there?” she yelled. Frank was her bartender, manager and on-again, off-again fuck buddy, currently ‘on’. She knew he was still crazy about her even though they had ‘officially’ broken up years ago. Whenever she went off on some weekend escapade, he would usually hang at the club finding things to do until she came back. Béla wasn’t too concerned about Frank’s inability to ‘move on’; privately, she liked having a backup available for when her own plans fell through, and he seemed to like having someone around to walk all over him.“It’s about time somebody got here,” a female voice said from a car parked at the curb.Béla turned around and looked. A head of thick, blond hair partially covered a face with too much makeup. As she walked toward the car, she heard the latch on the club door behind her turn with a loud click.“Hi,” Béla said, putting her hands back in her pockets. Smiling curiously, she walked to the car window. A buxom blonde with shoulder-length, teased hair looked out at her. “Can you tell me what day it is?” Béla asked. A fresh gust of wind whipped up under her borrowed coat, causing Béla to hunch her shoulders and shiver violently.The woman in the car smiled, almost laughing as she noticed Béla’s bare feet and the thin men’s coat she wore. “Fun weekend?” she asked.“You have no idea,” Béla answered, still shivering. “Sorry, I should introduce myself.” She pulled a hand out of her pocket and stuck it into the warm air coming out of the open car window. “Béla Wilson. This is my place.” The blonde shook Béla’s fingers briefly. Her hand felt soft, warm, and moist; especially warm to Béla’s cold stiff fingers.“Tanya Hastings,” she said briefly.“Oh, you’re our new feature act this week,” Béla said, suddenly more cheerful. “Can I help you with your stuff? There’s rooms upstairs and a private bath – all the comforts of home – with carry-out.”“You can get carry-out at seven in the morning?” the woman said, opening the car door. “Great! I’m starving!” The intense cloud of perfume that wafted out of the car made Béla’s eyes water. Tanya opened the car trunk and started pulling out suitcases. “Here’s my costumes. They’re so small,” she complained, “you wouldn’t think they’d weigh so much.”“I’ll help,” offered Béla, grabbing a bag in each hand and heading towards the front entrance of the club, unlocked by the unseen ‘Frank’, still inside.The two girls struggled with the three suitcases, finally shoving them in through the now unlocked front door. Béla yelped once when she dropped one on her bare, frozen toes.“Hey! Shut the door! Yer lettin’ the cold in!” said a surly voice from behind the bar.“Hey, Frank,” Béla called out, raising her voice to be heard above the dragging suitcases. “Thanks for the door.”She heard a muttered response followed by the clink of glasses being pushed against each other as another one was put away.The girls dragged the suitcases up a flight of stairs and stopped at the room with a tattered star on it.“This is it! Your home for the next week!” Béla said cheerfully. “Let me show you around.”“Oh, that’s okay, you seen one room you seen ‘em all,” her new acquaintance chirped.“Well, you haven’t seen this ’un…” Béla grinned and opened the door. They dragged the luggage in and looked around at the four-poster bed, a dresser with make-up lights, and, across the room, a huge shower and bath area complete with built-in Jacuzzi. A four-foot high wall separated the bath area from the rest of the room.“Nice,” Tanya murmured, pleased with the dark woodwork accenting the pale pink walls and the open feeling of the rather large room. “Knocked out a few walls for this one, huh?”“Yeah, I had Frank build it for me,” Béla replied, “took him nearly a year. Well, go ahead and get settled in. I’m going to grab some clothes and go down the hall for a minute. If you need anything, just yell. I’ll be right back.”“Okay, thanks,” said Tanya, throwing a suitcase on the bed.Béla threw off her itchy coat, exposing her bare backside and grabbed a dress off the rack in the closet behind her. When she turned around, she noticed Tanya was watching her curiously. Béla stood still for a moment, holding the warm dress against her cold body, looking back at Tanya.“I give personalized back-scrubs, too,” Béla said, grinning nervously, thinking that maybe Tanya might be interested. She hoped Tanya was a ‘go’ for some light morning exercise in her Jacuzzi. She’d been looking forward to climbing into it for the last hour.Tanya looked uncertain. “I want to get cleaned up first, and maybe get something to eat?” she raised an eyebrow. “I’ve been driving all night…”“Oh, of course! Where are my manners?” Embarrassed, Béla scampered toward the door. “I’ll go find food – you clean up! Bye!” She closed the door quickly behind her. “Damn!” she cursed to herself. She was still freezing. And now, she was horny, too.Frank heard Béla romp down the stairs, still barefoot. The short amount of time she was upstairs indicated that she didn’t get the opportunity to wash the weekend off her, and that meant she probably needed his services, after all.He grinned to himself and went into the kitchen. Pulling down his trousers, he began to play with himself. He was half-hard when Béla burst into the room completely naked, carrying a flimsy throw-over type dress over her arm.“Oo. Is that for me?” she asked playfully, noticing what Frank was doing. Without waiting for an answer, she dropped to her knees and hugged her shivering cold body against his warm legs, kissing and licking his hairy belly. Then she began concentrating on his dick, running her lips up and down the sides of it as it hardened.Frank leaned back against the countertop, enjoying Béla’s enthusiastic display of affection. Her cold skin and her warm mouth created an intoxicating contrast of sensations. ‘She must have had a really rough weekend,’ he thought to himself.He put his hands on her head as she sucked him completely into her mouth. He could feel her throat constricting around the head of his cock as she tried not to choke on it. Frank moved his hands lovingly through her thick black hair. He loved its silky smoothness. This time, however, her hair was damp and sticky. He raised his hand and looked at it, flexing his fingers. His hand appeared to be covered in hair dye. Or blood!“Oh, God!” Frank exclaimed, suddenly worried sick about what she may have done.Béla moaned in response and sucked harder, thinking he was about to come down her throat. That was quicker than normal, but she was ready for his little offering to help warm her insides.Frank pulled her face off his cock. There was a popping sound as they separated. Béla looked up, surprised and distraught.“What?” she asked anxiously, trying not to be angry at being tossed on her rear.Frank knelt down in front of her and grabbed her shoulders. His face was full of anguish.“God, Béla, what have you done?” he implored, his voice shaking. He looked ready to cry.“Nothing,” Béla whimpered, confused by his inappropriate behavior and her own unfulfilled arousal.“Nothing?” Frank asked, disbelieving her. “You have blood all over you!”“Oh,” Béla said, slumping her shoulders a little, trying to get him to relax his grip. “I showered afterwards – I thought I got it all off.” ‘Could that be why that girl, Tanya, was looking at me?’Seeing that her answer didn’t appease Frank, Béla added, “Most of it’s mine, so what do you care?” She tried to sound angry with him.It always came back to the same old argument. She liked her sex rough and bloody. He was unwilling to harm her that much, even after she showed him it didn’t hurt her by performing hara-kiri on herself in front of his fireplace with his own grandfather’s civil war sword. He was simply unwilling to cut her every time she needed sex.As Frank stared down, trying once again to comprehend this supernatural creature kneeling on the floor in front of him, he noticed a thin scar running down her left breast right through her nipple.Remembering how fast she healed, he estimated that, whoever Béla had been with this weekend, she had convinced him to carve her open clear down to her ribcage. He looked at her torso to see if he could find any other evidence of her insane desires.Disgusted with the way Frank was staring at her, Béla shook herself out of his grip and stood up angrily. As she rose in front of him, Frank noticed that her stomach wasn’t as smooth as normal and flexed in odd places… …as if her stomach muscles had been sliced apart and hadn’t smoothly grown back together yet.Béla stormed out and Frank heard the door to the changing room behind the stage slam. He pulled his pants back up, tucked himself back in and went out to the bar area to find something to do. He’d known her for thirty-five years. She’d looked twenty when he met her and she looked twenty, now. She hadn’t changed at all, at least, not physically.‘She’s hasn’t changed emotionally, either,’ he realized. Sexually, she was a wild child, perpetually young, with no basic sense of self-preservation.‘Well, if you can’t be hurt, why be careful?’ he wondered. ‘Why grow up at all?’He listened to Béla showering in the tiny stall the strippers used. She ran the water for almost twenty minutes. He didn’t care how immature she acted or how much water she used. He had loved her since the moment he saw her, and he knew he’d be loyal to this immortal child of the night for the rest of his natural life.Ten minutes later, she headed out toward the front entrance wearing the blue sack dress she’d brought down with her. He doubted if she had anything on underneath. He knew she hated undergarments. Her spike heels rang against the floor as she walked. Then she turned and walked back to stand in front of him as he stood behind the bar.“Food!” she said, holding out her hand and trying to glare at him. Frank grinned at her antics and handed her several twenty’s. She headed out the door, looking stunning, as always.‘That shower must have warmed her up pretty well, Frank mused. She didn’t put on her coat.’Frank was drying glasses when he heard Tanya coming down the stairs.“Béla went out to get us breakfast,” he called out, not looking up. “She’ll be back by and by.”No answer.“I know it’s May, but it’s gonna snow this afternoon. I can feel it in my bones,” Frank said, mostly to himself. He looked around and found Tanya sitting at the end of the bar, watching him. “So, what’s your story?” he inquired.“Story?” she asked. She cupped her chin in the palm of one hand and leaned on the countertop. Her open shirt displayed the cleavage of over-filled breasts that stretched her skin so tight they held themselves up.“Yep.” Frank drawled. “Everybody’s got a story. And they like to tell it. And I like to listen.”“I bet you do,” Tanya commented, sounding bored.“Sure,” Frank said, shifting into his ‘philosopher-bartender’ mode. “You learn about as much from what somebody doesn’t say as from what they do say.”“They do say,” repeated Tanya, yawning.“Alright, Smartass, let me tell you what I know about you, from just the time you’ve been sittin’ there.”Tanya looked up, trying to look interested and extremely bored at the same time. She was good at it.“Here you are, a pretty, successful stripper, runner-up for Miss Nude USA two years ago, if I recall correctly. You can ask for about any price for your performances, yet you cancel out on the Pussycat Club in Bozeman and come fifty miles north to this whistle stop bar where you won’t make squat in tips and offer your talents for a quarter of what you could get anywhere else.”“Go on,” Tanya said, disinterestedly.“So, you’re lookin’ for somebody, or somethin’,” replied Frank, “and it’s more important to you than anything else you’re doing right now.”“Humph!” grunted Tanya. “Well, when you find what I’m looking for, Sweetheart, you let me know, okay?”Frank smiled and went back to polishing glasses. He would love to be what she was looking for, but he knew he wasn’t. That only left one other person.After a few moments of ignoring her silence, he looked up and asked, “All right, what is it you want to know about her?”Tanya laughed, “Was I that obvious?”“She thought you were interested in her,” Frank replied, grinning. “I mean ‘sexually’, of course. She acts flighty like that when she’s thinks somethin’ exciting’s going to happen.”“Oh, I am – interested in her, I mean.” Tanya stood up and moved up the bar, closer to Frank. “But not sexually.” She smiled. “Well, maybe not sexually.”“So, you came up here to see her,” Frank reasoned.“Not specifically,” Tanya said. “Her name has come up in conversation before, and I just wanted to see what the story was.”“What story did you hear?” Frank asked, knowing there was a lie there, somewhere. “The one about the strip club that won’t turn down a girl who needs a job no matter how untalented she is? The one about the young, inexperienced club owner who gives away all her profits because she’s a sucker for a good sob story?”“Yeah, that was the one,” mused Tanya. “I just wanted to see what the truth was. I never did believe that Good Samaritan story they told me when I was a kid, and I just wondered how she does it.”“Well,” Frank hung up his towel and got a clean glass off the shelf, then got another one. He picked up a bottle and said, “Scotch? Clean. Right?”Tanya smiled. Frank poured two doubles and slid one toward the busty blonde. She was obviously trying to throw him off track by pretending interest in Béla’s financial practices. That could only mean she was here because of Angela. A couple of drinks, and Frank would have the whole story from her.“I don’t know where her money comes from. Maybe she’s independently wealthy. The bills get paid. I know she’s not into drugs or anything. But she has, I guess you could call it a ‘unique’ life-style.”“Really?” Tanya asked, leaning forward interestedly. This was the story she had heard and wanted to find out more.“Well, she’s pretty much addicted to sex. That’s a given. We have a private club room in the back – the Target Room.”“Yes, I’ve heard of it,” Tanya replied. There were rumors about the Target Room sex club all over the country, wherever she went, recently. “There’s only one girl in the club, I’ve heard. All the other members are men.”“Yep,” Frank replied, “Béla. It’s her club. Nobody can join without her personal invitation. Then, two or three times a month they get together and she plays Target Girl for them.”“Target Girl?” Tanya asked. “Yes. I’ve heard that. Exactly what does that mean?”“Well, originally,” Frank told her, “a target girl, back in Gay Pari?was a girl who would position herself in the middle of a circle of men and pose, or play with herself, while they jacked off on her. In Béla’s version, she encourages them to act out their fantasies, with her as their object of affection. And she isn’t shy about following through with whatever they want to do with her. She doesn’t just ‘tease’ them.”“Wow,” said Tanya. “So she really is up for anything, hmm?”“Yeah,” Frank’s shoulders slumped. “I worry about her. She just a tiny little thing, and she takes on these big factory goons. They really rough her up sometimes. “I came in one morning after one of her ‘sessions’ and found her lying on the stairs, unconscious, covered with their juices, bruises all over her body where they’d hit her and knocked her around, so beat up she couldn’t even get to her room.“I started to pick her up and take her on upstairs and she woke up, smiled and tried to do me, too – even though she was so sore and bruised she could hardly move. “Later, she came down and started waitressing for the lunch crowd. Her bruises were gone. She looked perfect, like always, and was just as bright and cheerful as you please.”“Well, bruises could be covered with make-up, you know.” Tanya suggested.“Lumps can’t,” Frank growled, mostly to himself. “Besides, she doesn’t use much makeup. And, by the way, she hates perfume. Makes her sneeze.” He fanned his hand in the air as if to make it fresher.The noise of the door flying open, bells tinkling, and the thud as it bounced against the wall startled them both. Béla, arms full of white paper sacks, entered. “Anyone like Chinese?” she chimed cheerfully.“For breakfast? Uggh!” Frank muttered.“Oh, my dear! You read my mind!” Tanya swooped forward and unloaded the little white sacks from her host, smiling and being much too friendly. Frank grinned as he realized the buxom blonde was irked at his comment about her perfume. He seriously doubted she liked Chinese for breakfast any more than he did.“It’s snowing!” Béla exclaimed. She looked from one to the other, spying the empty glasses on the counter. “Drinking this early? Well, pour me one, then. What were you talking about?” Béla asked cheerfully casual. “No. Let me guess. Frank was talking about me – right?“Tanya, do you use chopsticks?” she inquired, changing the subject before anyone could respond.“Uh, no.” uttered Tanya, slightly confused at the barrage of inane conversation. “Just a fork will be fine, thanks.”Well, the man said she was flighty when she hoped something exciting was going to happen…The delivery bell rang. Frank went to the back of the store to handle the shipment.“Saved by the bell,” he said as he left.Béla brought her drink and the open bottle over to the table where Tanya was setting out the containers. “Refill?”“Yes. Please.”“So, now that we’re starting to guzzle so early on such a dreary day, what were you talking about that put Frank in that cheerful mood he’s in?” Béla inquired.“Yes,” Tanya observed. “He does wear his heart on his sleeve, doesn’t he?”“Yeah, well,” Béla quipped, “he takes care of me as best he can.”“I think he’s goofy on you,” Tanya said, then lowered her voice. “Changing the subject, Frank said business has been down for the last two or three weeks.”“Yes,” Béla replied, “I think he’s worried that the club may fold. But he shouldn’t be concerned. I have enough resources to keep it going for awhile.” She shoved half an egg roll into her mouth before continuing, talking around the half-chewed egg roll “Besides, I like this club. I can do a lot of good here.”“Um-hum,” Tanya chewed and swallowed a mouthful of glass noodles. “He did mention that you’ve bailed the club out once or twice, but what about business right now? Does it have anything to do with that stripper who was murdered a week ago? She was one of your girls, right?”“So,” Frank’s voice boomed from behind them. “The real reason you’re here is because some little nobody stripper got stabbed to death and cut up into little pieces. And you’re concerned, right? Who was she to you, a sister? Cousin? Anybody?“Just a friend,” Tanya said, sounding annoyed and upset, “an old friend. She was knocked up and dumped by her boyfriend when she was nineteen. I helped her get back on her feet and got her to make up with her folks. Then she decided she wanted to be in the same profession as me. I always had all the glamour, the boyfriends, popularity. I have more boyfriends than James has Bond Girls. And she wanted to be just like me. Ha.“I handled her introduction into the community and handled her on her first solo assignment, um, audition. She did really well on her first time out. Then she went out on her own. This was the last club she was at before she was neutral… killed. Butchered.“So, here I am. I just want to know what happened. Okay?” Tanya eyes were watering.“Well, I… The police report…” Béla began, but the front door banging open interrupted her.“Hello! Anybody here?” a male voice yelled out.“We’re-closed-come-back-later-please.” Béla called back, then, recognizing the police lieutenant, she grinned at him. “Oh. It’s you. Come in.“Tanya, this is the police guy who’s been working on what we were just talking about.” Turning to the police officer, she said, “What was your name again?”“Um, Tannenger, ma’am. Uh, Detective Tannenger. Uh, just call me Mike,” the police lieutenant stammered, trying not to stare at Tanya’s open shirt.“Yes. Well,” Tanya pulled her shirt together and fastened a button, making her cleavage even more alluring.“This is my new feature dancer,” Béla said proudly. “She should do a lot for picking up business.” She looked up at Detective Mike, one eyebrow raised.“Tanya, meet Mike. Mike, Tanya,” she grinned.“Hey, haven’t I seen you on TV?” Detective Mike asked Tanya. “I think just last week on that Flying Solo show where they interview…” “So, I assume you’re here for a reason?” Béla interrupted, straightening Detective Mike’s coat.“Yeah, well,” Detective Mike went on. “I came to tell you that we got the perp who we think killed your, ah, girl. Angel. Angela.” “Well, who is he? Did you arrest him? What’re you going to do with him?” they all asked at the same time.“Hold on, hold on.” Detective Mike held up his hands. “We didn’t really get him, but…”“What do you mean you didn’t get him?” Tanya moved forward menacingly.Béla pulled Tanya back.“Wait. Wait. Let’s hear what he has to say,” she advised, wondering why Tanya was behaving in so aggressive a manner.Detective Mike took a moment to compose himself.“Well, it looks like he took another victim.”“What? How could this happen? When did this happen?” Again, everyone talked at once.“What it looks like,” Detective Mike explained, holding up his hands to silence them, “is some kind of animal attacked the killer while he was carving up his most recent victim and ripped out his throat. It must have been a bear or something that was attracted by the smell of blood. “Apparently, the animal also dragged the victim’s body away. The knife we found at the scene had blood all over it that didn’t belong to the killer. In fact, it was across the room from where the killer died. It was lying in a pool of blood that had to have belonged to another victim. You aren’t missing another stripper, are you?”“No, why?” Frank asked him.“There was a slashed-up costume like a stripper would wear and spike heels on the floor near the knife.” Detective Mike said.Béla tried to ignore Frank’s eyes drilling into her back while Detective Mike was talking.“You mean the killer’s dead?” Tanya voice was shaking. “That’s too easy!”“Mike, do you think you might find her? The victim, I mean?” Béla asked the detective, trying not to sound nervous.“It’s only a matter of time, ma’am.” Detective Mike tipped an imaginary hat to the ladies and nodded to Frank. “She can’t have gotten very far with that much blood loss. Please, try to have a good day. There’s one less killer on the streets, so let’s be grateful. Shall we?”“Just a minute, Mike,” Frank interjected. “When did all this happen?”Detective Mike turned away from the door and said, “Well, we just found the guy an hour ago, but it looks like he’s been dead for a couple of days. We’re still trying to figure out what all happened. I have to get back to the,” he took a breath and shuddered, “scene.”“Thanks,” Frank said, glaring at Béla as Detective Mike exited through the noisy front door.After a few moments of shocked silence, Béla announced, “I have an idea.”Tanya and Frank looked at her.“Let’s celebrate and go shopping!” she said cheerfully.“Right on, girl!” Tanya said, mimicking Béla’s forced cheerfulness. She headed upstairs to get dressed. Béla followed close behind, ignoring Frank’s accusing glare.Chapter 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Béla looked around the crowded, pleasantly noisy lounge. There were three times as many customers as usual, mostly due to their hot new star attraction, Tantalizing Tanya. True to her word, Tanya was the most sensual and graceful stripper Béla had seen for a long time. Local girls she’d hired were stiff-backed and nervous about performing on stage, even when they’d done it for awhile.Béla slowly scanned the crowd, feeling for the tension that people near the edge of their sanity often exhibited. It was easy to scan for upset minds at night. In the daytime, it seemed something roared in her head, blinding her ability to sense others thoughts and emotions.Tanya finished her Midnight show and stepped down off the stage onto the main floor. There were several guys waiting, money in hand for her next lap dance. She picked one and led him away. The others went back to their drinks and waited.‘I want to play, too,’ Béla decided ‘There’s no reason for Tanya to have all the fun!’Disappearing into the changing room behind the stage, Béla quickly stripped off her clothes, wiped down her private parts, checked her makeup and slipped into a blue G-string. She looked around, not finding the matching top (oh, I remember what happened to that…), and finally put on a filmy see-through vest that simply hung off her shoulders and fastened with a cord in the front. She left it open so that her perky breasts played peek a-boo when she moved. She finished off her costume with black fishnet stockings and clear plastic five-inch heels.She stepped back out into the bar, nearly naked, her stomach taut with anticipation. She loved displaying her body in front of men. She scanned over the room again, looking for someone who may have noticed her stepping out onto the floor. After her favorite pastime (actually having sex), she liked pretend sex, where she got to play the wanton harlot and tease the hell out of the guy until he came in his pants. Since she was ‘on duty’ for the next couple of hours, pretend sex was what she was looking for right now. ‘Instant relief? You bet! Sopping wet G-string? God, I hope so! It’s playtime!’Suddenly her mind was struck with a murderous intent. It was coming from a young-looking cowboy to whom Jessica, one of Frank’s bar girls, was serving a drink. Béla had noticed him nervously trying to cover up his hard-on when Tanya was performing earlier, but she hadn’t noticed anything evil about him, then.As she approached the young man, he looked up at her. The feeling disappeared. Béla walked up to him, sensuously swaying her hips. Although she still looked the part of the sensuous exotic, her mind was all business, now, her playful mood forgotten.“Can I dance for you?” she asked, easily faking a friendly smile.“Sorry, miss, I gave all my money to Miss Tanya. I got six bucks, but that’s fer the waitress.” His voice sounded sweet and sincere. His eyes kept moving nervously between her face and her open vest.“Well, I guess I’ll have to give you one for free, then,” Béla cooed, and began to sway in front of him. She gazed into his eyes as she danced, heating up the moment with undelivered promises. He gazed back, swallowing, and watched her filmy vest moving back and forth playing peek a-boo with her pert nipples as she danced. She straddled him with her legs and sat down on the hard-on that was straining the fabric of his jeans.“Oo. Is that for me?” she asked coyly, smiling into his embarrassed face. ‘What a sweet boy!’ she thought, trying not to giggle. ‘If he could flee right now, he’d run as though his life depended on it!’“Relax,” she whispered into his ear. “I don’t bite. Well, usually I don’t bite.” She sat on his lap, slowly moving her pelvis back and forth, touching his face lightly with her cheek while pressing her lips against the front of his ear, almost kissing him. Even in this close proximity, she couldn’t feel anything emanating from him except nervous sexual excitement and the pleasure he was getting from actually touching her soft, but lean, bare midriff.‘Could I have been mistaken?’ she wondered, then decided to run her favorite bad boy scene through his naughty little mind, determined to trigger his hidden perversions.“If we were completely alone,” she whispered to him, “what would you like to do to me?” Startled, she felt his hands on her sides, gently pushing her away. She sat up and looked into his eyes. ‘Still nothing! What’s going on? I’m not usually that wrong!’“Please,” he said quietly, looking desperate, “I’ve got a date later.” Béla smiled at him, kissed her index finger and pressed it against his lips, then backed off of his lap and swiveled her hips in a way that told him she knew moves he hadn’t even dreamed of.“I’ve never seen that move before,” Tanya’s voice came from behind her. “Where did you learn to move like that?”The cowboy nodded dumbly and said, “Yeah. That,” before gulping in a deep lungful of air, just now realizing he hadn’t been breathing for the last few minutes.“Oh, it’s an old Sum… an old Egyptian dance,” Béla replied, tossing her hair. “I learned it when I was young.” She corrected herself again, remembering how old she appeared to be. “Younger.”“Well, I could use it on stage, if you don’t mind,” Tanya replied.“Fine, suit yourself,” Béla replied with a smile… ‘But I don’t think your hips move that way, darling – it took me years and the kiss of my master’s whip to learn how to be that supple…’ she thought privately.Bored once again, Béla wandered over to the bar to chat with Frank.“Hi, Frank,” she cooed sweetly. “Business is good tonight, huh?”Frank looked at her in a way that she couldn’t figure out. ‘Maybe it’s my costume,’ she thought, unsettled by the weirdness of the evening. ‘But, he’s seen me like this hundreds of times, before.’ She could find out in an instant if she wanted – just brush gently against his mind and she would know his innermost thoughts. But she’d made an agreement with him years before that she wouldn’t raid his mind without his permission. She sighed, more frustrated, now.Frank rang the bell on the wall. “Fifteen minutes.” He called out. As people began leaving, he asked, “No Target Club tonight?”“No,” she replied, “everyone left early. I guess they all came in their pants watching Tanya. I would’ve if I could’ve… she’s really hot!”Frank finished cleaning up the bar, filling a couple of last-minute drinks orders for the waitress.While she was waiting, Jessica looked at Béla and nervously asked, “Can you cover for my clean-up period, tonight? I have to leave as soon as we close.”Béla smiled at her. “Jessica, isn’t it?” A nervous nod confirmed her identity.“Sure, Frank and I will finish up here.” Béla told her. “Have a good time. Don’t get into trouble.”Jessica excitedly took Béla’s hands in hers and gushed out the words, “Oh, thank you! I really appreciate it. I promise I’ll make up the time.” She pranced lightly away, carrying her drink order with her.“Why did she ask me?” Béla asked Frank. “I thought your girls answered to you.”“They do,” Frank replied. “But she has a date with your cowboy friend, and you seemed more than a little curious about him, so I told her it was up to you.”“Hum,” Béla replied, thoughtfully.“I went down to police headquarters this afternoon while you girls were out shopping,” Frank said, changing the subject. He began wiping down the bar. After a moment, he knew Béla wasn’t going to bite on his bait, or volunteer anything, either. From the pensive look on her face, she definitely wanted to keep what she knew to herself.“I offered my services,” he continued, “in helping them to identify the missing victim of that guy they found. They found a coat in an abandoned stolen car, and some bloody scraps of clothing they thought belonged to the victim, but that was all. No ID, and the prints they found weren’t on file.”He had her attention, now. He waited, hoping to make her feel anxious. He succeeded.Finally he said, “I told them I didn’t know who the coat belonged to,” then turned around and went into the kitchen.Béla followed him, suspecting he wanted to continue this one-sided conversation in a more private setting and hoping he wouldn’t. Frank stopped and spun around, surprising her. She stepped back involuntarily.“It was your coat!” he spat the words at her, his face filled with unreadable emotion. “You didn’t wear your coat this morning, despite how cold it was outside. That’s because you lost it, Right!”“Friday night, you left through the back door. You never leave through the back door. You were gone ’til this morning. The blue costume you wore that night and your coat aren’t here. I looked for them when I got back from the police station, hoping to God I would find them! But I didn’t, because that detective guy has them down at the police station!“When you showed up here this morning with blood all over you,” Frank continued, his voice strained with fear and distress, “I feared something like this had happened. You killed that man, Béla. You butchered him and tore him into pieces. For God’s sake, Béla! Why would you do that? Is that what sex is to you, now?”“Frank, please.” Béla pleaded, her voice shaking as she spoke. “Please believe me he was a murdering butcher. He cut one of my girls up into little pieces! He even bragged to me about how Angela screamed while he cut her up! Who knows how many others he killed! He needed to die! Please trust me that I did what needed to be done.” “Trust you!” Frank exclaimed. “I don’t even know who or, or what you are! I’m crazy about you, but I’m terrified of you. And… and for you. What might happen to you, I mean. Jesus, Béla – What’s happened to you?”“I can explain it, Frank. Please, but not now,” she begged. “Please believe I’ll explain everything when I can. As… as soon as we’re finished here, okay?”“Explain?” Frank grabbed her arm, jerking her off balance. “I am so sick of your explanations and lies! You can’t explain who you are! You can’t explain why you don’t age! You can’t explain why you kill people! “And especially, “Frank cried as he grabbed a knife, “You can’t explain this!” Béla yelped and tried to pull away as Frank sliced a hot, shallow cut down her forearm. She trembled with the effort to hold still in his tight grip as Frank glared at the blood welling out of the shallow wound.He seemed to be in better control of himself as he wiped the blood off, then sighed in defeat as he saw what he knew he would find. The cut was completely gone. Frank’s arm shook as he watched, but he didn’t let her go.“What are you? How do you do that? Do you even know why that doesn’t hurt you?” he asked, the anguish obvious in his voice.Frank stared into Béla’s frightened eyes as she slowly shook her head. She couldn’t explain herself. She didn’t know what she was. And now, Frank knew she didn’t know.“Oh… My… God.” whispered Tanya from the doorway. Startled, Béla brushed against Tanya’s mind with hers. ‘Oh, fuck!’ Béla thought, suddenly realizing that her secret was out. ‘She heard the whole thing!’ “Leave it be,” Frank said, glaring at Tanya, his voice low and threatening. “It’s not her fault she’s the way she is…”“I… I just,” Tanya tried to say. “I just wanted to know if you needed help cleaning up.”Frank relaxed and nodded his head, finally releasing Béla’s arm. Béla and Tanya stared at each other for a moment, each not wanting to know what they’d just learned about the other.The three of them cleaned up the bar, using the simple mundane actions to help quiet their jumbled thoughtsBéla knew with a sick certainty that she’d stayed too long. She never stayed in one location for more than ten years, and mostly because of Frank, she’d stayed here almost fifteen. And now a hunter had come, seeking her out, putting her friends in danger.‘Damn Frank, anyway!’ Béla thought to herself, continually blinking tears out of her eyes so she could see what she was doing. ‘Why does he have to follow me everywhere I go? Why can’t he let me go? God, I hate this! ‘As soon as I can get away, I’ll leave! I can cash out my accounts in the morning and go somewhere where he’ll never find me this time… I should’ve left years ago! I should never, never expect others to understand!’Then, all in agreement that Béla would tell them everything, they all traipsed upstairs to her room – the room she’d given Tanya, her hunter. Perhaps this time, if she made everything clear enough, they would leave her alone.“I knew who he was the instant I saw him,” Béla was saying. “It was like I could see the evil in his mind. I could feel him hiding in the alley, ready to butcher whoever came through that door, so I went out to meet him. When I got the chance, I killed him.”She didn’t tell anyone, especially Tanya, about the violence she needed in order to feel complete, or about how she restored herself by sucking other people’s blood. She hoped the police lieutenant hadn’t told Frank too much about the crime scene, because even he didn’t know that much about her.“But he stabbed you,” Tanya said, earnestly. “That detective told us the victim had lost so much blood, he didn’t believe she, I mean you, could have survived.”“I think, maybe,” Béla said thoughtfully, “he was exaggerating some. Probably most of the blood was from the killer from when that animal tore his throat out.”“No, actually, it wasn’t.” Frank stated. “You were there. You should know.”‘Oh God, Frank, Please let it be…”“What do you mean?” Béla asked, almost certain she already knew what conclusion Frank had jumped to.“Well, Detective Mike said it was really strange,” said Frank, puzzled, “that with all the blood splattered all over the room, none of it was the killer’s.”“What?” exclaimed Tanya, incredulous.‘God, Frank, don’t drive me away! Don’t make me leave you!’“What Detective Mike said was that the killer’s blood had been drained completely. There wasn’t any.” Frank confirmed.“Wow! How would you explain that?” Tanya asked, eyes wide open.Béla shrugged. “I don’t know – I can’t explain it. Maybe rats?”Frank looked disgusted at her.“Here we go with the lies, again,” he said, folding his arms and pouting. ‘Oh, Christ! You’re going to do it, aren’t you? Damn you, damn you, damn you!’ “This isn’t the first time, is it?” Frank said, reasoning things out for the first time. “That night when I had to carry you up the stairs – there was no late night Target Club meeting. Instead, you were prowling that night and you killed someone, didn’t you? I got blood on my shirt.” Frank stared at her, his face unreadable. Béla stayed out of his mind, knowing that, when he was like this, he could tell when she was there. It didn’t matter anyway; in the morning, she’d be gone forever.“It was right after that when the burglaries and murders stopped.” Frank was still figuring it out. “The next spring, they found a local guy outside of town, in a field. The newspaper said he’d been attacked by wolves, or something.”“It was you, wasn’t it?” Frank asked, a desperate pleading sound in his voice.‘Why are you asking me like that? Don’t you still care? Don’t you still love me? Please… Don’t drive me away…’“But you still love me, right?” Béla asked, leaning forward to caress his arms and back. The strap of her skimpy costume somehow had slipped down her slim, rounded shoulder. Frank unfolded his arms and grabbed Béla by both wrists, holding her away to prevent her from pressing against him. He couldn’t avoid gazing at her slender, sexy body from that position and he knew she was working him for all she was worth.“God! You’re impossible!” Frank whispered, he voice hoarse as he strained to look up and into her face. She was, of course, just as hypnotically alluring as ever. Levering herself up with her seized wrists, she kissed him lightly on his cheek.“Frank, you made me this bed with your own two hands. We’ve had some good times on it,” she pleaded. “I’m still the same person I was the first time we did it. I haven’t changed.”“You kill people,” Frank said, accusingly, still gripping her wrists, holding her off-balance in front of him.“Only when they need killing.” Béla made her face look as soft and appealing as she could. “I’m not a murderer.” The strap fell the rest of the way down her arm, exposing her breasts. She hoped it made her look more helpless.“It sounds to me like you’re an avenging angel,” Tanya quipped from the edge of the bed.Frank and Béla both jumped at the sound of her voice as it shattered the hypnotic trance Béla was creating.Béla sat back and leaned against the headboard. Then she curled her legs up in front of her and wrapped her arms around them, watching her hunter carefully. Strangely enough, Tanya didn’t seem to want this any more than she did. Perhaps she could be convinced, after all…“I’m not the perpetrator here!” Béla exclaimed defensively. “I was abducted, beaten and raped! I was tortured and stabbed! I was lucky to get away!” She was starting to sound angry. She hoped it sounded convincing.“All right! All right!” Frank exclaimed, trying to calm her down. “It’s okay! We’re not going to rat you out. Okay?” Frank looked at Tanya. “Right?”Tanya looked surprised. “What? No, of course not!” and got up, escaping toward the bathroom. Béla nearly shouted out at her astonishing victory and was barely able to sit still. Tanya had thrown in the towel, changing her mind completely. As far as she was concerned, this hunt was over.Frank took Béla in his arms and cradled her against his shoulder. She smiled to herself, turning her face to kiss his shoulder. She felt his body immediately tense up.“I’m not going to bite you!” Béla quietly promised. “I haven’t evolved into some psycho nut-case who needs to kill in order to have an orgasm.”“No,” Frank replied softly, “But you hunt those who do…”“I’m not the only hunter here, tonight,” Béla murmured, looking toward the bathroom.“I know,” Frank said. “She told me this morning she was looking for you.”“You knew that?” Béla asked, astonished twice in five minutes. “And you didn’t tell me?”“There wasn’t time, this morning,” Frank tried to explain. “And then all this other stuff happened…”Béla sighed, realizing that it wasn’t any easier for him than it was for her.“It’s alright. She’s not hunting me now. The person she really wanted is already dead.”“You are so strange, tonight,” Frank said, staring into her eyes. “Are you hunter, or prey?”“Right now, I’m neither…”She moved her hands against his chest, plucking at hairs as she caressed him, wanting to make love to him one last time before she vanished forever.“It’s been awhile since we’ve been together…” she suggested, coyly.Frank buried his face in her soft, black hair and kissed his way down to her shoulder. Then he began kissing his way back up her neck to her cheek.“Hmm,” he grunted, his lips continuing the path along her cheek toward her inviting mouth. Béla could feel that Frank’s soul had been wounded by his own accusations of her. He had made up his mind years earlier, the first time she’d left him, that he would never question her special nature that she tried so hard to keep hidden. He had broken that promise to himself tonight, and worse, he had exposed her to an outsider.Béla had left him twice before when small oddities began to be questioned, and Frank understood that fleeing was her way of surviving in a world that wasn’t capable, or even willing, to understand and accept her.He could feel in his heart that she was saying goodbye, once again. She was preparing to flee in order to protect herself, and most likely, him, from the mad persecution of mankind against anything different than themselves.Awkwardly breaking away from her, Frank gazed into her tear-streaked face. He could see it in her eyes. There was no mistake. She was saying goodbye.“Please, Béla,” Frank begged. “Don’t go. I can protect you. I want you with me.”In answer, Béla glanced toward the bathroom area where Tanya was running water into the sink, then looked back at him.“Too many people know, now,” Béla replied sadly. “I can’t stay any longer. It’s too dangerous for me here.”“I’ll find you again,” Frank promised. “You can’t get away from me!”“Frank, please!” Béla pleaded. “Let me go! I can’t…”“Go where?” Tanya asked, sitting down on the end of the bed. “You’re not planning to desert us just when it’s getting interesting, are you?”“This isn’t your affair!” Frank snarled angrily. “Stay out of it!”“No, Frank!” Béla cried. “Leave her be! She’s not who you think she…”Tanya’s concerned glare silenced the little vampire. For some reason, Tanya wasn’t interested in exposing her. They both had secrets they didn’t want known.‘Maybe I won’t have to leave quite so soon… If Tanya’s on the level, that is. What is it about her that makes me want to trust her? She has more secrets than I do, and every time she opens her mouth she tells a lie.’“I’m not going anywhere,” Béla protested. “At least, not for awhile, I promise, alright?”Frank sighed in relief, hoping and praying she was telling the truth.“I promise,” Béla whispered, as she leaned forward to kiss him. “I’ll stay awhile longer.”Frank looked at Tanya for a moment, resenting the fact that the gorgeous blond dancer was intruding into their private lives and was driving Béla away from him.Béla realized that she’d given Tanya this very bed to sleep in, and they were the intruders, not her. But also, Tanya was looking at them like she wanted to join in rather than oust them from her bed.Smiling to herself, Béla decided to let Tanya join them. How well she fit in would actually decide whether Béla sneaked out in the middle of the night, or not.Pulling away from Frank, Béla reached out and stroked her fingers gently across Tanya’s shoulder, then forward, letting her fingers trace slowly down her bodice.“If this silly thing is in the way,” Tanya grinned, glad she was being invited to join them, “I have no problem getting rid of it.”She quickly shrugged out of her flimsy see-through top and tossed it over the side of the bed.Arching forward to display her magnificent breasts to both of them, she smiled as asked, “This better?”“Oh, yeah!” Béla grinned, then leaned toward her to delicately kiss the soft, protruding nipple nearest her.“What about me?” Frank asked, in mock concern as he gazed down at Béla’s slender, perfect body stretched out toward Tanya. His playful complaint got both girls’ attention and they turned toward him, now.“Oh, we’ll take care of you,” Béla replied as she twisted around and reached for his belt. Frank helped her pull his pants off. His cock sprang out right in her face. Béla happily slid her lips down the length of his shaft and was rewarded with a groan from Frank. As she worked her mouth up and down the side of his dick, she felt Tanya kissing the insides of her thighs. She twisted her body the rest of the way around and pushed up with her knees, presenting Tanya with her lean, sexy backside.Without waiting for permission, now that Béla’s rump was up in the air, Tanya wasted no time pulling off Béla’s G-string. She started licking Béla from her front to back, slowly, listening to Béla moan in appreciation while she sucked on Frank. After a couple of trips up and down between Béla’s legs with her tongue, Tanya turned over on her back, crawled up underneath Béla’s torso and started sucking directly on her clitoris. Béla nearly crushed Tanya’s head between her legs and pushed her pelvis down into Tanya’s face.Taking Béla’s clitoris gently between her teeth, Tanya closed her mouth over the little hood and pulled gently. Béla convulsed and Tanya heard her scream through a mouthful of cock as her chin was suddenly covered with girl-cum.‘Wow! She’s really good at this!’“God! Yes!” Béla spit out Frank’s dick so she could talk. “Do that again!” Frank, feeling ignored, unceremoniously shoved his cock back into her face.Tanya continued scraping her teeth along Béla’s clitoris and pussy lips, gradually increasing the pressure of her bite.“What’s your safety word?” Tanya asked, stopping for a moment.“What? Harder!” Béla screamed through Frank’s pulsing dick.“Okay, here goes!” Tanya bit down on Béla’s hard little clitoris. Béla began convulsing as another orgasm swept through her tiny body. Warm, musky fluid dripped from her pussy onto Tanya’s chin. Then Béla was choking as Frank shot his load deep into her throat.Frank moved back, sighing with tired pleasure, his sagging dick dropping from Béla’s mouth. He got a towel and wiped his dick off, then turned her head and began to wipe the tears and cum off Béla’s face.“Hey! You’re getting your scuzzy stuff in my eyes!” Béla whined, her throat still convulsing from the attack of his cock. Frank knew, though, that she wasn’t angry. She loved cum and she loved cock, and she never passed up an opportunity to get as much of each as she could. What she hadn’t been able to swallow was dribbling out of her mouth onto the sheet. Béla’s hips were twitching; her pussy still locked onto Tanya’s mouth as Tanya’s head lay hidden under Béla’s torso. Tanya was licking up Béla’s pussy juice as fast as it leaked out. Her tongue and face were coated with sweet-smelling girl-cum.Béla swung her left leg into the air and rolled to the side, dismounting from Tanya’s slippery face.“Well, I think it’s your turn, now,” Béla told her new blond lover.She curled around and started kissing and licking Tanya’s face while her hands began caressing Tanya’s oversized breasts.“Nice set,” she murmured, as she licked her juices off Tanya’s cheeks. “They’re really firm.”“Thanks,” Tanya murmured as she turned her face to let Béla finish cleaning her off.She turned so that their lips touched and began to suck on Béla’s lips in return. Béla opened her mouth and Tanya’s tongue darted inside.“Frank tastes good,” Tanya said into Béla’s mouth, and continued to lick and suck Frank’s cum off Béla’s face and out of her mouth. Béla’s hands continued down Tanya’s golden, tanned body to her light brown, almost blond pussy. Her pussy felt puffy and aroused, so Béla turned her hand sideways to slide it more easily between Tanya’s moist pussy lips and discovered that Tanya was more than just aroused. She was soaking wet with desire. Tanya’s pelvis twitched as Béla’s fingers slid up inside her wet but still tight entrance. As her index and middle finger sank deep into Tanya’s pussy, her thumb slid forward and pressed hard against her clitoris. Moving her hand up and down, she moved her sopping wet middle finger out of Tanya’s pussy and slid it down, caressing and lubricating Tanya’s asshole. After a moment, she slipped it in.Tanya was twitching regularly now, her beautiful stomach muscles convulsing, displaying her wanton pleasure. Béla slid down, licking and sucking on her breasts. She took a nipple in her mouth and lightly began playing with it between her teeth. As she bit down gently, she giggled and asked, “What’s your safety word, Darling?”“Bite me!” Tanya exclaimed, as her hips convulsed in orgasm. Béla bit down on Tanya’s nipple a little harder, but not enough to really hurt. She jammed her hand hard against Tanya’s pussy, though. As her thumb squeezed Tanya’s clitoris, Béla’s middle finger jammed tightly up her ass while her index finger flicked around and teased the insides of her pussy. Tanya continued to convulse and moan as she came.Afterward, Tanya lay on the bed, breathing heavily. Béla sat, happily licking cum from her fingers like it was ice cream. Frank sat on the far side of the bed, slowly moving his hand up and down his hardening cock, fascinated by the two females.“You want to fuck her?” Béla asked, gazing admiringly at Frank’s cock. “I’ll bet she’d like you to…”Frank looked at Tanya, his question obvious on his face. She gazed steadily back at him. She’d never begged a man before and she wasn’t about to start, now. But she wasn’t going to turn him away, and Frank understood that in the look she gave him.Sliding off the bed, Frank came around and stroked his hands up Tanya’s long, lean legs. Tanya liked that his touch was soft and gentle, but not timid or shy. She had long since discovered that ‘shy’ men harbored really perverted ideas about sex that were often hidden behind their shyness. In fact, many men were so shy about their private perversions that they never, ever let them surface, and spent their entire lives never once giving in to their most base desires, often vehemently denying their very existence.As Tanya raised her legs for more easy access by Frank’s welcome hands, Frank reached under her thighs and pulled Tanya around, positioning her legs so that they dangled over the bed to the floor. Standing between her dangling legs, now, Frank took his cock in his hand and shoved the head up against her pussy lips. It slid in easily. Tanya moaned with pleasure and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of having her insides so tightly filled.“It should take him awhile to come,” Béla whispered playfully into Tanya’s ear. “Second time around, you know.” Tanya grinned at the joke and the girls began to kiss fervently, wiping their slippery faces against each other.Tanya moved her fingers down toward Béla’s sopping wet pussy and began to play with her, moving her hand back and forth, pinching her pussy lips and stabbing her fingers in and out.Béla sat upright with her knees spread wide so that Tanya could work her magic, then twisted her body around, presenting Frank with her breasts. Frank reached out and pinched a nipple, her body being too far away for him to caress properly, then regained his balance by putting his hands back on Tanya’s hips. He dug his thumbs into Tanya’s hipbones, which seemed to excite her even more. Suspecting that she liked her sex a little rougher than most, Frank began to knead her belly, digging his fingers deep into her stomach muscles and dragging them down toward her pussy. Tanya clamped down on him so hard that he was momentarily unable to move. An increased wetness indicated that she had come again, because now she felt loose and sopping wet inside. ‘Well,’ Frank thought, surprised. ‘It works on other girls besides Béla!’As Frank continued his in and out motions, Tanya suddenly backed up just enough so that Frank completely backed out of her. Then she thrust her hips up so that, as Frank moved forward again, the head of his dick came up against her anus. Startled at her sudden maneuver, he stopped in mid-stroke.“Shove it in, baby,” Tanya cried. “Hard!”Frank pushed forward and found easy entrance into her rectum. As he entered her, he could feel the tight, round splincter muscle slide up his cock. He reveled in the tight, dry heat surrounding him and began to move back and forth. Each motion caused a moan from Tanya as she approached yet another orgasm.Béla crouched on the side of the bed, sitting on her fists, intently watching Tanya’s breasts bounce back and forth and around and around as Frank fucked her in the ass. She was used to being the center of attention, but watching another woman being fucked right in front of her was thrilling. The smell of female sex was intoxicating. She watched as they fucked harder and harder.“I’m going to come, baby, where do you want it?” Frank spoke, his voice uneven.“Come in my ass, damn you!” Tanya cursed, thrusting up against him. She grabbed her pussy with both hands and squeezed hard, screaming, "I’m coming! Oh, God!”She felt hot sperm pooling in her ass as Frank made one final thrust and spurted into her tight little rectum.“I’m going to need a towel…” she sighed, then collapsed backward, her arms spread out on the bed, her naked, sweating body heaving rapidly as she caught her breath.Frank leaned on the bed, panting, his knees shaking and weak. His cock, covered in a creamy brown fluid, still leaked drops of white cum. After a moment, he pushed himself up and staggered toward the bathroom to get towels for the girls.Béla sat whimpering on the edge of the bed, eyes now closed, humping her fists and lost in her own orgasm. She cried out and curled up into a quivering ball as she came, collapsing across the pillows on the bed. “O holy fuck…” she moaned into a pillow, breathing heavily.Tanya lay on the bed, mostly naked, with the exception of a damp, brown-streaked towel tucked between her legs to keep from leaking all over the bed. Frank was splashing water in the bathroom. Béla was curled up among the pillows at the head of the bed, gazing at Tanya. It was almost morning and she was still here.‘She may not be who she says she is, but I still like her,’ Béla thought to herself. ‘It should be safe to stay awhile longer if she’s the only one who knows about me… I really don’t want to leave either one of them, now. She could add a lot of fun to our lives.’Still breathless from Tanya’s expert tonguing and her self-induced orgasm, Béla said, “Wow. It usually takes a half-dozen men to make me feel this good.”Tanya chuckled and said, “Sweetie, one good woman is worth a dozen men.” They laughed.Frank came out of the bathroom toweling himself off, water drops still glistening on his chest and legs. “If the bathroom is free,” said Tanya, “I’m next!”“Go,” Béla told her, then lay back on the bed to admire Frank.Tanya got up, holding the towel between her legs, careful not to leave any marks as she slid off the bed. She turned around to check out the bed and seemed to notice the several large wet spots for the first time. “Not mine,” she pouted.“Don’t worry. They’ll dry,” said Béla, tucking her legs safely up in the pillows at the top of the bed.“Oops!” Béla cried, as her movement caused her pussy to suddenly overflow. She rapidly slid off the bed and stood, legs held tightly together, fluid leaking down the inside of her thighs.“Do you want the toilet or the tuBéla” asked Tanya as she grinned at Béla predicament.“Toilet!” cried Béla as she darted past Tanya into the bathroom.Tanya followed. “Then I guess I’ll take the tub,” she said, mostly to herself.As Tanya climbed past Béla sitting on the toilet, Béla said, “I have a sound-proofed room downstairs with stain-proof furniture and tile floors for this sort of activity. When we’re finished, I just hose it down. I don’t usually have to worry about wetting my own bed or dripping on the hardwood floors.” “Ah, the sheets can be changed when we get back out there,” Tanya said, looking quizzically at the shower controls. “How the hell does this work? I had to bathe in the sink this morning.”“You didn’t use the Jacuzzi?” Béla asked, hating the thought that such a wonderful device went to waste when she’d wanted to use it so badly.Tanya just looked at her for a moment. Béla suddenly realized that Tanya’s guard had still been up and she hadn’t trusted herself to relax in a Jacuzzi when there was a job to be done.“Well, okay,” Béla said, swallowing nervously and pointing to a large knob. “That one controls the water pressure. The little knob adds cold water.”“No hot and cold?” Tanya whined. “No. It’s always hot. You have to cool it or you’ll get scalded,” Béla told her. “Frank built it for me. He’s very practical.”“Yes. So I’ve noticed,” mused Tanya. “Real handy,” she added, chuckling to herself.Tanya turned the large knob, holding the showerhead away from herself. The water really was instantly hot – or at least within a second or so.“Neat. The water heater must be really close,” she spoke loudly, above the noise of the spraying water.“Yes,” Béla shouted back, “right behind the wall. And it’s a hundred-gallon tank. Lasts forever!”Tanya turned the cold water knob so that the steaming hot water became more comfortably tepid. Then, lifting one leg up against the wall, she starting spraying between her legs with the hand-held showerhead.“Let me help!” Béla said, standing up from the toilet. Taking the showerhead from Tanya, Béla twisted it so that pulsing water came out. She twisted another knob on the showerhead to cut back the force of the water, then pressed it against Tanya’s rectum. Tanya arched her back, eyes widening.“How’s that?” shouted Béla, over the running water.“Gads! Instant enema! It even gets inside!” shouted Tanya. “I love it!”Béla moved the showerhead back and forth between Tanya’s pussy and ass several times. Twisting it to an even softer spray, she watered down Tanya’s arms and back, then reached for the soap and handed the showerhead back.Béla soaped up her new friend’s back and rump, then moved the soap down the crack of her ass and nearly inserted the slippery bar into Tanya’s pussy. Tanya stood with her legs wide, her hands against the wall, completely willing to let anything happen. Béla put the soap back and began to rub down her new lover’s wet, slippery flesh. Tanya playfully wriggled her ass back and forth, indicating that Béla should go ‘lower, please.’Béla, ever obliging, knelt down behind her and began sliding her hand along Tanya’s ass and pussy. Soon, she had her entire hand up inside Tanya’s willing, soapy cunt. Fascinated, and more than a little curious, she flexed her fingers inside Tanya’s pussy, feeling her way around inside like Frank had done to her on occasion. Tanya began to shake and moan. In a few seconds, she flooded Béla’s hand with fresh, sticky cum, and Béla had to wash her pussy again. Twice.Finally, Tanya cried quits, and staggered out of the shower to sit down on the toilet. Béla picked up the showerhead, twisted it to hard spray and twisted the knob to turn off the cold water. She pushed the showerhead between her legs and hissed as hot, steaming water scalded her clitoris and pussy lips. In seconds, she was on her knees, whimpering, still holding the steaming showerhead between her legs. Tanya watched, amazed, unable to move. Béla’s body began to shake as she came. She cried loudly and fell forward into the huge bathtub with a scary thud. Steam filled the room.Béla lay, obviously helpless, in the bottom of the tub, panting as scalding hot water sprayed against the wall behind her and fell back into the tub and onto her back, steaming around her and down the drain. Tanya frantically reached over and turned off the water, then dragged Béla’s feather-light body back to the bed.“Here! Let me see that!” she exclaimed, as she spread Béla’s trembling legs. “My God! You aren’t burned at all!” Tanya cried, incredulous. “How do you do that?” ‘Jesus! I’d give anything to be able to come like that…’Béla smiled weakly and coughed. Then she turned over onto her stomach, crawled up onto the bed a little further, and fell asleep.Exhausted by the night’s events and some of the most incredible sex she’d ever had in her life, Tanya crawled up beside her and draped an arm over her new, small friend. ‘This wasn’t what I was supposed to do with you when I tracked you down…’“Oh, fuck it, she’s an ‘innocent’, if I ever saw one…” she muttered, and fell asleep.Chapter 4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~She was floating on an air mattress in a pool of warm water, a quiet waterfall lapping between her legs giving her exquisite pleasure. She opened her eyes, saw the gaudy, red painted ceiling with the pink walls and smiled as she remembered where she was and the intense lovemaking of the previous evening.‘I was just dreaming,’ Tanya mused, then realized the lapping sensation was still there and she was very close to orgasm. She moved her hand down her lean torso and met a head of soft, silky hair between her legs. She felt a tongue moving back and forth over her clitoris and fingers walking around inside her very wet pussy.Tanya’s waking orgasm took her by surprise, her body twitching suddenly and spraying Béla’s hand with warm liquid even as it was still working its way up and inside her. She heard Béla’s muffled laugh and felt her hot breath against her sensitive skin down there.Béla raised her head and gazed up at her newfound friend, her face shining wet with her juices. “Breakfast is here!” she said cheerfully, and indicated a red-and-white striped bucket sitting on a stool near the bed.“Was I breakfast?” Tanya asked, staring down her body into those pixie eyes, then her nose picked up the scent of spicy, over-cooked chicken filling the room. “Oh, my! What time is it?” “Oh, around three-thirty,” Béla replied. “Please forgive me. You looked good enough to eat and I was very hungry…” She pouted, looking petulant, but playful.Tanya laughed and bent down to kiss her. As their lips caressed each other, Tanya thought she tasted a coppery trace of blood mixed with the scent and taste of her juices. She backed her face away, looking carefully at her cum-covered host.“It was just a nibble,” whined Béla. “I got carried away a little.”“Do you bite everybody?” Tanya asked, a little annoyed. ‘Didn’t Frank say something about her biting him, too?’ Tanya wondered, not remembering clearly.“I’m sorry.” Béla pouted. “It won’t happen again. I promise.” Another half-truth – she wasn’t sorry, but it wouldn’t happen again. She could trust Tanya now, despite what she’d learned during their brief mental contact the night before.“I was just trying to give you pleasure…” Béla’s voice trailed off.The protective feeling that Tanya suddenly felt for Béla overwhelmed her. She reached down and dragged Béla up to her, hugging her tightly.“It’s all right,” she crooned, rocking her back and forth. “I don’t know why I was upset.”“If there’s one person around here that doesn’t need protecting, it’s Béla,” a loud, male voice boomed from the doorway. Both girls jumped. Looking at Béla, Frank added, “The bar’s open and there’s nobody down there except me. Jessica didn’t show.”His large form disappeared from view.“Well,” said Béla, rising from the bed, “I’ve got to go down and play ‘waitress’ for awhile. If you want, you can come down and dry-hump the customers – that’s what I like to do, anyway. And they seem to appreciate it. Your first show isn’t scheduled ’til 10 o’clock.” “Do you have a movie theater or anything in this town?” Tanya asked as Béla started to leave.“Well, there’s a Mexaplex about a half-mile from here,” Béla replied, thinking hard, as she rarely ever went to a movie. “Hacienda Heights is only about forty thousand people – not really big enough to attract to much entertainment. In fact, the Target Club is the only topless bar in town. There’s a ‘gentleman’s club’ that opened up across town, but they cater more to the jacket and tie crowd. But I’m sure there wouldn’t be any door charge for you…”She stopped talking, hoping she hadn’t just given away her best drawing act in several months.“Anyway, one movie house, probably nothing playing,” Béla sighed. “Frank can arrange your transportation – Oh! You have a car, don’t you. And there’s a bookstore across the street.”“Thanks,” Tanya grinned, watching Béla actually embarrass herself about her little town’s lack of entertainment.Tanya figured why Béla would pick a small town like this to hole up in. Larger cities were more chaotic and there were just too many people that might notice something odd about her. But, small towns had the same problem. Small town people noticed oddities around them, too. And Béla, while she didn’t stand out, was definitely an oddity. Béla probably didn’t know it, but she and her ‘sex club’ were becoming a gossip topic in the underground community of strippers and pornographic entrepreneurs. Béla walked toward the back stairs that went directly down to the dressing room behind the stage. Before she descended, she stopped and turned around again.“Oh, I forgot to thank you,” she said.“For what, Sweetie?” Tanya replied, “Doing what I do best?”“No…” Béla said. “Thank you for deciding not to kill me,” then turned and fled down the stairs.Startled at Béla’s last statement, Tanya mused over the previous evening’s events. Béla was an ordinary-looking girl with a sexual magic that made her incredibly alluring. Aside from that, the girl had a very unhealthy taste for pain and torture. The fact that it didn’t seem to hurt her was as puzzling as what she had just admitted to. ‘She can read minds!’ Tanya realized as she stood in the empty room with her mouth hanging open. ‘That’s the only way she could have known!Béla was telepathic. She even claimed she could search out a killer in a crowded room. That was how she had found Angela’s murderer. ‘Béla would make a great field agent,’ Tanya thought, smiling to herself.There was one thing that Tanya was grateful for; she wouldn’t have to neutralize Béla for killing Angela as she’d been instructed to do. But she knew her debriefing was going to be interesting. She wondered how much of what she’d learned last night would actually go into her report.~~~~~This being Tuesday, the afternoon crowd was light. Béla wound up with mostly nothing to do for the next three hours except occasionally get somebody a beer, and receive a token pat on her nearly naked ass. Sometimes a customer reached up and pinched a bare nipple. She would wriggle her body playfully before gently slapping his hand away, knowing that her tips would be better if she did. Jessica would be able to use the money, if she came in to get it.Béla recognized one of the customers coming in as a member of the local union from the nearby factory. His name was Adam. She had invited him and some of his friends into the Target Room several weeks ago. Remembering his roughness and his huge fist inside her pussy, she smiled and walked over to him as he sat down. “Can I get you a beer?” she asked,国产美女视频免费观看的网站 gazing into his eyes. “Sure, darlin’,” Adam said, grinning through tobacco-stained teeth.She was back shortly, with two bottles and a glass.“I’m only payin’ fer one,” he told her, a snarl starting on his face.“One of them is for me,” Béla explained. “I’m bored. Let me dance for you.” “I ain’t payin’ for it,” Adam grumbled, looking surly, but still wanting to see something naked.“I don’t care,” Béla whispered, her face close enough for him to feel her breath on his mouth as she spoke.She began undulating her body in front of him. She gazed into his eyes, smiling slightly through open lips as she swayed almost hypnotically back and forth. She lifted a bottle to her lips and drank deeply, letting some of the sparkling liquid run down her chin and dribble onto her breasts.“Ain’t you ’fraid of me after last time?” he asked her, leaning forward, staring at her supple form and watching several little trails of liquid run down her sweet, tight belly. She shook her head ‘no’ as she swallowed and reached forward, putting her hands on his shoulders. “I liked it.”She straddled him, planting her rump right over his lap. She could feel through his clothes that he already had a raging hard-on. It was turned sideways, creating an arch in his coveralls on one side. She took a hand off his shoulder and straightened his hard-on so that it was lined up with her own sexuality, the material of his coveralls still separating them. She started to squirm, very slowly dry-humping him and leaned forward, her arms going around his neck and her tiny breasts almost brushing against the front of his coveralls.“Where’s all your rowdy friends?” she asked, making casual conversation. “You all alone today?”Adam grinned. It was a pretty scary, lip-curling sort of look. “Sometimes I want ta’ be alone,” he told her.Béla started to back off his lap, but Adam raised his hands to her tiny breasts and began massaging them roughly, actually using her tits to pull her toward him again. Béla grimaced, but didn’t cry out at the unexpected pain. She knew how to handle sub-humans like Adam, and pressed forward instead, relieving the pressure of his fingers digging into the sides of her breasts.“Harder,” she whispered into his ear, letting him know he didn’t scare her.He squeezed her breasts harder, until he was sure they would rupture. A moan escaped Béla’s lips and Adam grinned as he eased off the pressure on her breasts. Her G-string, soaked with her girl-cum, streaked his coveralls as she dry-humped his hard-on. “You like it rough, don’t you, little girl?” Adam sneered quietly into her ear.Béla backed away slightly, breathing harder, their faces only inches apart. The intoxicating smell of her sex permeated the air between them. Her face and the bare skin around her neck and breasts were flushed. She made no secret of the fact that she’d just cum in his lap. She was aroused, now, and wanted more. It was time to get him properly aroused so he could give it to her, and she decided to use her favorite line…“What do you think about,” Béla whispered to him, “when you’re alone in the middle of the night, when you touch yourself. If there was someone there, what would you do to her?” She gazed into his eyes, seeing his lust for her in them. She knew now why he’d come in here alone. He wasn’t willing to share, this time.“Just lately,” Adam breathed into her mouth, “I’ve been thinkin’ a lot about you…”Béla smiled, half-closing her eyes, a small laugh escaped her. Her body was beginning to tingle again with sexual anticipation. His innate cruelty made her heart race with excitement and for an instant she wondered what kind of a girl she really was to be drawn to this sort of sub-human creature.She remembered the first time she saw him, several months earlier. He’d been drinking too much and was mistreating a girl – cussing at her and not letting her leave. He pushed the table away from the wall and raised his arm, getting ready to hit the girl when Béla swirled in, insinuating her sexy, slim body right up against his chest. She somehow managed to get between his body and his uplifted arm so he couldn’t strike out at the girl sitting next to him.In close physical contact, she put her entire attention on the burly troublemaker, almost psychically forcing him to pay attention to her. All the violent reds and oranges flooding into Béla’s mind nearly caused her to lose focus, but as she held his gaze, she was able to disperse his rage the merest instant before he struck.“Who the fuck are you?” Adam snarled, angry about her interrupting a lesson he badly needed to teach his girlfriend, yet not understanding why he wasn’t just shoving the dark-eyed harlot across the room for interrupting him.“You don’t care who I am,” Béla replied, daring to smile at his snarling face as he realized her bare breasts were pressed right up against his shirt.Adam didn’t understand why his anger was dissipating, but he didn’t mind exchanging his rotten girlfriend for this exotic little stripper he somehow managed to find in his arms.Béla soon found out what his problem was – the instant she tried to get up and he grabbed her arm, forcing her to remain where she was.“Where ya goin’, Darlin’?” he sneered at her,his vice-like hands nearly crushing the bones in her arm.“Evidently,” Béla gasped, sitting back down, “nowhere.”“That’s good, Baby,” Adam told her. “Yer stayin’ right there, ain’cha!”Béla gazed into his glistening eyes, realizing he was a serious control freak. And violent.He relaxed his grip on her arm as she moved closer, evidently pleased that she wasn’t trying to escape. Sitting on her feet, now, with her knees practically in his lap, she put one arm around his neck so it was easier to talk into his ear in the noisy bar.“What do you do?” she asked him. “For a living, I mean.”He told her. He was a welder at Hitachi Construction. Béla said Hitachi was a funny name and didn’t it used to be something else?That led to a ten minute spiel about Japanese companies buying out American companies and about how they didn’t approve of the AFL-CIO’s presence in the factory, and how the union had already kept those Hitachi ‘A-Holes’ (he actually softened his language just for her, despite his upset) from laying off several employees.What shocked him the most, that evening, was that Béla had been interested in what he had to say. That, of course, got him interested in what she thought about the whole thing, being a club-owner and manager here. Instead of setting herself up as a potential enemy, she simply confessed that she didn’t know anything about unions. So he told her.By this time, Adam’s ex-girlfriend was long gone, and after another ten minutes, Frank came over and suggested to Béla that there were people coming up to the bar to reorder and “hadn’t you better see to the other customers’ needs?”, rescuing her nicely. Frank had waited, of course, until Béla’s upset customer was speaking again in normal tones indicating that whatever emotional crisis he was suffering through was over, at least for the time being. Under Frank’s watchful eye, Béla gave Adam a quick peck on his cheek and gratefully fled.The next time she saw Adam, he and some of his factory ‘buds’ were celebrating some kind of internal union election, so she invited all of them into the Target Room, offering herself up for their victory celebration. It was then that she discovered how much work Adam actually needed before he could ever have a healthy sexual relationship with another female that didn’t involve pain and obsessive control.Which brings us back to the present, and Béla’s determination to defuse this walking time bomb of female abuse by getting him to act out his fantasies – with her, of course. His main problem was that he needed someone around whom he couldn’t scare.“What would you do to me, Adam,” she said softly, “if you had the chance. If you could do anything you wanted to me, with no consequences at all, what would you do?” She tightened her buttocks against his coveralls, squeezing the hardness beneath her. She leaned forward and kissed the corner of his mouth softly. He squeezed her breasts harder, causing her to moan again as she exhaled. She gazed into his narrow eyes, easily seeing the image he was unknowingly projecting at her.‘He wants to ram his fist up inside me again,’ Béla realized, feeling her belly tighten in anticipation, ‘just as far as it can go! God! That’s all he’s been thinking about since he did it to me that first time! Talk about obsession!’ She felt his cock spasm in orgasm. Looking down, she watched a small wet flower pattern appear on the front of his coveralls. ‘Damn! The jerk came in his pants!’ Béla hadn’t yet come a second time, and she was not exactly happy with him right now. She sat up, pressing down on his belly with her hands. She slid one hand around, under his coveralls and down the inside of his underwear, swirling her fingers through his cum. Then, raising her cum-covered fingers to her lips, she licked the smelly, sticky stuff off her fingers.“Too bad,” she said petulantly, “We could’ve had such fun…”She kissed him full on his mouth, forcing her tongue between his lips so he could taste himself. Then she climbed off him, straightening out her supple body. Her bare breasts were outlined with his handprints where he had so unmercifully squeezed them. Her G-string was soaked with her own juices, making the area between her legs glisten in the dim light of the bar. The scent of their mixed juices filled the air between them as though they had actually had sex. She could feel the rage in his mind as he began to understand that she was rejecting him after their undisciplined intimacy.Béla glanced around the near-empty bar and caught Frank’s eye. He indicated with a slight movement of his head that she should take her antics into the Target Room if she planned to continue with this.Looking back down at Adam, she noticed that he seemed to be embarrassed about coming in his pants, but that wasn’t how he felt. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and glared up at her, his hatred of her female power over him glowed in his angry eyes. She didn’t have to read his mind to know how he felt at this very instant in time. She realized that he was ready to give her what she wanted most, and if she didn’t want that – if she rejected him, that is, he would have no problem physically tearing her in half and leaving her bloody, battered body in a ditch somewhere.‘God! His hostility toward females is, well – Mmmm!’ Béla thought excitedly, realizing she’d be lucky if she remained conscious more than a few minutes in his hands.Béla glanced toward the little blue door marked ‘Target Room’, then back at Adam, the question obvious in her eyes. Then she turned and walked toward the door, swaying her hips, her spike heels sounding loudly on the floor of the near empty bar. ‘If he follows me he’ll get the chance he wants to tear me apart… I wonder how many times it’ll take before he’s ready for a normal relationship with someone…’When Béla reached the blue door, she turned around. Adam was angrily standing right behind her, having kept his footsteps almost completely silent as he’d stalked her across the room. The single savage thought in his head was that he wanted to get her alone with the emphasis on ‘get her!’ He reached down and kissed her roughly, painfully twisting one breast in his hand. He was almost disappointed that she didn’t try to escape his cruel grasp. It would have been fun to run her down… but if she wasn’t bright enough to know what she was in for…Béla’s excitement grew with the knowledge that she wasn’t going to be disappointed with him. She reached behind her and fumbled open the door. Adam backed her into the room, still gripping her tightly to ensure she couldn’t escape. Pulling back, she worked for a moment at his belt, but it was too tight for her to manage. His beer belly kept her from being able to work the buckle.Adam backed her to the table in the middle of the room and undid his belt. His loose coveralls dropped to the floor with a thud.‘Jeez! I wonder what he carries in his pockets,’ Béla thought, momentarily distracted. The strong scent of male cum brought her back to what she was doing. She squatted down and sucked at the aromatic moisture on his boxer shorts, teasing his cock with her hot breath and wet mouth right through the material. This was one of her favorite methods of foreplay. She could touch and feel the hardness, but she couldn’t see it. The same thing was happening in Adam’s mind. He could feel her breath and her mouth on him, but he wasn’t actually touching her yet. It was incredibly arousing for both of them. ‘He must come in his pants a lot,’ she realized as her lips kept rubbing against aromatic areas of his shorts that were stiffly dry and crinkled. She noticed there was also dried cum in the hairs on his lower belly as she pulled his shorts down around his knees. His cock sprang forward; rock hard and covered with sticky strands of fresh cum mixed with dried old cum embedded in his fleshy tool. The scent of it was overpowering and intoxicating. Béla licked him as clean as she could, reveling in his unusually strong taste, then turned around and bent over the table, offering him entry from the rear. Adam roughly fingered her pussy and ass for several minutes until she was humping against the table like a trapped animal in heat. Then he shoved his thick cock into her as hard as he could. She screamed as his cock slid in with one swift, cruel motion, suddenly expanding and tearing her splincter muscle as he shoved all the way in to his balls.He reached around Béla’s trembling torso and pulled her up against him so that she was suspended completely off the table, impaled on his cock, gasping in agony or orgasm, he didn’t know which, and didn’t really care. He mauled her breasts and belly with his rough hands as he held her against him and repeatedly rammed in and out of her. Béla grabbed one huge hand and guided it down to her pussy. He began to roughly jab his fingers into it while he fucked her from behind. Whimpering cries were forced from her throat in unison with the heavy slapping sound Adam’s belly made as he reamed her mercilessly.When he shot his cum into her, his grip on her belly and cunt tightened so that Béla was sure she was being physically ripped in half. Red and black waves of pure pain and orgasmic sensation swept through her tiny body until she passed out completely, unable to take any more. Adam dug his big hands into her sides just below her ribs and triumphantly lifted her unconscious body off his cock, then carelessly dropped her limp, sweating form on the table. As he walked to the dresser to get a towel to clean himself, he smiled as he heard Béla slide off the table and hit the tile floor with a bone-jarring thud. Resisting the impulse to turn around and view the effects of his ministrations, Adam dressed and left, quietly closing the door to the Target Room behind him. He was feeling slightly troubled at treating her that way, and it bothered him to think that he might actually care about her, even just a little. After all, she was just a female slut and deserved whatever she got. Right?He was halfway to the door when he stopped and looked around as though he’d forgotten something. Hoping he wasn’t being too conspicuous, especially in regards to that watchful, overprotective bartender of hers, he turned around and went back into the Target Room.Behind the door, Béla lay unconscious on the floor, bleeding from both her ass and her pussy. Her belly and breasts, covered with gouges and scratch marks, were bruised black and blue from ruptured blood vessels beneath her skin.Adam gazed down at her, his face unmoving as he stared. After a moment, he bent down and scooped the unconscious, brutalized form off the floor and held her, marveling at how light and limp she was. It occurred to him that he could do anything he wanted to her, and she was completely powerless to stop him. Then gently, delicately, almost reverently, he laid her out on the padded table, positioning her limp form so that she appeared to be comfortable. He gazed at her for another moment, then silently left. When Béla emerged from the Target Room an hour later, her skin was flawlessly smooth and uniformly creamy, like always. Her face radiated contentment and satisfaction. Frank couldn’t help notice that she was alert, full of energy and ready for the evening crowd. And just in time, too.Chapter 5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Frank’s missing waitress finally showed up around 9:30 that night.“Jessica, are you okay?” were the first words out of Béla’s mouth. “We were so worried about you!”Frank noticed Béla was like that. She never accused anyone of neglect or got angry with people for disappointing her.“I’m sorry, Miss Wilson,” Jessica cried. “I’ve been trying to get up the nerve to come in all evening…”“My goodness, Jessica, What’s happened?” Béla asked anxiously, taking Jessica in her arms. “Has someone died?”Jessica shook her head. She looked a mess, her makeup smeared from her crying. Gently, Béla guided the distraught girl back into the Target Room, where they could talk in private. After consoling her for awhile, Béla got Jessica to open up to her.“I know you said not to accept dates from the customers,” Jessica told her, “but Jake has been coming in for months, and he’s always been a good tipper, and he’s always trying to cheer me up. So I thought I knew him well enough and I said okay, I’d go out on a date with him.“He was so sweet and gentle and he took me to his place and we made love. It was nice. And this morning I woke up I was s-strapped to the bed and then he, he… he got all weird on me and told me I needed to be p-p-punished!” She burst into tears all over again. Béla hugged Jessica and held her in her arms, stroking her hair and radiating peace and calm at her as hard as she could. “It’s alright. You’re all right.” she crooned, mentally guiding Jessica toward calm and relaxation. “What did he do that was so bad?” Béla asked quietly when Jessica settled down again.“He fucked me. With… with a pistol!” she wailed. Béla did her best to smother Jessica’s mind with calm, but just saying what he did to her made Jessica truly distraught again. The concept of having that happen was incredibly arousing to Béla, but it had obviously terrified Jessica.“I was so scared,” Jessica continued. “I thought he was going to kill me! And then he pulled the trigger and the gun jerked and I screamed and screamed! I hate guns!” Jessica was almost screaming now. Béla was glad the room was soundproof. She took Jessica by the shoulders and shook her gently.“Now, look,” she said firmly. “What he did was really scary, but he didn’t hurt you! He just scared the hell out of you. Okay? He probably just thought it was a joke. People are really weird sometimes. Okay?” She hugged Jessica and let her cry on her shoulder, rocking her back and forth. “You don’t have to see him again,” she added.‘God Damn, I would have enjoyed that!’ Béla thought to herself. ‘How the hell did I miss that pervert?’She tried to catch all the low-life sickos that came into her club and let them act out their fantasies with her, believing that by doing so, she was protecting some innocent girl, like Jessica, from getting hurt or badly frightened. This was, of course, completely aside from the fact that she actively sought – craved, even, the crude and often brutal treatment she received from these sickos.‘Whew! I really missed this one!’ she berated herself, then turned her thoughts back to her terrified employee. She radiated calm into Jessica’s mind and continued to console her. After a few moments, Jessica stopped sobbing.“I’m really sorry,” Jessica said, her face blotched with tears.“It’s okay. We’re gonna fix you up, alright?” Béla stood up and guided Jessica toward the back stairs. Jessica hesitantly followed, partially pulled along by the hand. This room was Béla’s private area – where she held all those mysterious club meetings with roomfuls of horny, half-drunk men. Just being in here where all the weird stuff happens made Jessica nervous. When she noticed they were leaving the Target Room via the rear door, Jessica hurriedly followed Béla up the stairs, glad to leave that strange and surreal soundproofed room behind. Upon entering the bedroom upstairs, Béla guided Jessica across the room to the side where all the water was installed, along with the half-wall that separated the bath area from the bedroom. Jessica hesitated for a moment, surprised to see that tawny blonde performer, Tanya, lying practically naked on Béla’s big bed, reading a magazine.“She’s had a pretty rough time,” Béla said to Tanya, who was flipping through a magazine. “I’m going to let her get cleaned up a bit, here. Okay?” She guided Jessica to the bathroom area, then came back out, grinning to herself at the lurid images Jessica was imagining about Béla and Tanya. They were very close to the truth – but perhaps a bit tame. Jessica wasn’t that experienced, after all.“Your heart is getting to be bigger than your bed, Sweetie.” Tanya quipped, as Béla came back across the room. Béla gave her a friendly grimace, stuck out her tongue and went back downstairs, ignoring the fact that Tanya seemed ever so slightly out of breath, like she’d just run in from the top of the stairs and she was holding the magazine upside down…A half-hour later, a tall, good-looking cowboy came in. Béla recognized him from the night before, when she had danced for him. She waltzed up and put her arms around him and kissed his cheek.“You came back,” she cooed happily. “Can I finish that dance for you? It’s still free…”“Um. No, ma-am, thank you,” he uttered. Then he continued, “Is, uh, Jessica here?”“Oh,” Béla remarked, stepping back as her friendly demeanor vanished. “You must be Jake.”“Um. That’s right, ma-am.” He stumbled on, “We had a bit of a disagreement last night, and, um, I just came in to apologize to her.”“A disagreement?” Over at the bar, Frank looked up, not used to hearing Béla raise her voice. “A disagreement? You jackass, you scared the hell out of her. What made you think she was into bondage? You really think she wants to see you again?”“I tol’ you I was sorry,” Jake complained, “I thought she was a Target Girl.”Béla stopped, her next berating accusation unvoiced as she suddenly realized it was her reputation that had gotten Jessica into this mess.“If there’s some trouble here, Boss, you need any help?” Frank’s deep voice sounded from behind them. Jake flinched visibly at the sound and Béla had to work hard to keep from laughing at the nervous, young cowboy. Frank’s overpowering vocal effect on the lad was precisely what he had intended.“No, There’s no trouble,” Béla informed him, looking directly at Jake. “We have a policy here, you either buy a drink or you leave. The next show starts in a few minutes.”Jake sat down, helped with a shove from Béla. Frank raised an eyebrow at that. Béla may be upset with the young man, but she didn’t want him to leave. She obviously had plans for him, later.“What’ll it be?” Frank asked, peering down at the lad.‘Strange,’ Frank thought, ‘he doesn’t look the type she usually cavorts with… pretty tame if you ask me. But if he’s the one that put that scare into Jessica, Béla’s sure to have some fun with him! God, girl – just don’t kill another one…’“Um, beer’ll be fine, thanks,” Jake mumbled. Both Frank and Béla turned and walked away. Béla went upstairs and found Jessica brushing her hair. Béla smiled as she caught a stray thought of Jessica very delicately kissing Tanya’s lips, wondering what they’d taste like.“Jake’s here,” she announced.Jessica whirled around, terrified all over again.“It’s okay! He doesn’t know you’re here,” Béla continued, smiling to get Jessica to relax.“I don’t want to see him!” Jessica exclaimed.“You don’t have to. You don’t have to go down there at all, if you don’t want to,” Béla said. “You can stay up here, tonight.” Then she added, “There’re rooms down the hall you can use,” when Jessica worriedly imagined three girls naked and frolicking on Béla’s big bed.Blushing and suddenly petulant, Jessica said, “Thanks. You’re sweet.”“I know,” Béla grinned.“Showtime in ten minutes,” she said to Tanya, exaggeratedly blowing the buxom blonde a kiss.As she left, she gazed back at Jessica and mouthed the words, ‘Her lips like cherry…’ while at the same time slamming the words from the song into Jessica’s mind as hard as she could project them, then grinned as Jessica blushed all the way down her arms.As Béla moved across the lounge checking for drinks and refills, Jake caught her eye. She walked over to him.“Another beer?” she inquired.At his silence, she added, “Forget about her. She’s not gonna come near you.”“Yeah, I guess I deserve that,” he stated, self-depreciatingly.“Yeah, you do,” Béla agreed, then changing tack, added, “I’m the ‘Target Girl’, not Jessica. She doesn’t know anything about the club, except that I’m the only girl in it. You need to choose your sex partners more carefully.“And always get their agreement,” she added, sounding very serious.“Yeah, yer right,” he agreed.“I’ll get you that beer,” Béla said, smiling as she walked off. “Incidentally, I would have loved for you to do that to me.”“And now, gentlemen, for your enjoyment, all the way from Hollywood, the Miss Nude USA Runner-Up, sweet and tender, Tantalizing Tanya!” Frank’s voice boomed over the microphone, sounding more excited than usual. There was something emanating from him that attracted Béla’s attention – a golden-bright stream of energy flowing between Frank and Tanya.‘How sweet!’ Béla thought, suddenly pleased. ‘Frank and Tanya got the hots for each other!’The jukebox started, and Tanya climbed up to a smattering of applause and whistles, and began to swing around the pole in the center of the stage. Bit by bit, her clothing came off until she was completely nude and rubbing her crotch against the cold steel pole like it was the giant shaft of a well-endowed lover. The jukebox wailed, “She goes down, down-down, do-own, down…” as Tanya slid her pussy lips down that cold chrome pole in the center of the stage, fucking it all the way down to the floor. The excited cheers and yells of the patrons actually drowned out the intense, heavy crooning coming out of the big jukebox speakers on each side of the stage.Then one by one, Tanya danced for each of the patrons seated around the stage, blowing kissing and feeling herself up, pretending to make love to each of them. She was rewarded each time with a shower of dollar bills.Béla brought Jake’s beer back to him and set it down in front of him, making sure her costume flared forward to flash her pert little nipples at him for a second before straightening up to wait in demure pretense.“Buck-fifty, please,” she said, waited and watching him. It was always fun to watch a man try to think when he’s just been flashed.Jake had actually had time to think about their earlier conversation and decided to turn his future attentions to the club owner already, setting his sights and his hopes a little higher than usual, perhaps, although the owner seemed awfully young. And young girls too often took themselves and their powerful, young emotions very, very seriously. But if this young girl had her own hard-core sex club, her emotions had to be pretty stable, didn’t they? “You’d really like that, huh?” he said, wondering just how ‘untested’ this girl’s emotional makeup was and hoping she wasn’t ‘psycho-girl’ in disguise.Béla looked down at him and smiled. The lad was already hooked. All she had to do was reel him in. She let him talk.“Did you know,” Jake continued, encouraged now, “there’s always a bullet in the gun. It’s a kind of Russian Roulette.” He wasn’t stuttering, now. He was trying to explain something important to someone he considered a fellow deviant. “Except, I always know which chamber the bullet’s in, so I never let it go that far.”‘Oh, Jesus – I love him already!’ Béla thought as that too familiar itch between her legs began again. Aside from the fact that she could hardly stand still, she could smell her own arousal. She wondered if the cowboy could smell her, as well. While he was talking, she felt his mind flash the murderous intent she’d felt briefly yesterday, then she felt him immediately suppress it.‘Good. He’s not a killer,’ she realized, ‘he doesn’t ever intend to act out his sick, lethal little fantasy.’“I get off at two-thirty,” she told him.“I thought you were the boss,” Jake replied, the image of Jessica leaving at two a.m. foremost in his mind.“I am,” she said, suppressing a laugh as she gazed into his eyes. “That’s why I have to stay ‘til two-thirty.” Béla turned and walked away, her knees so weak she nearly wobbled. The cowboy was going to go that far tonight, whether he intended to or not. Béla had been shot before, when an enraged boyfriend discovered she’d been dipping her fingers into syndicate money. There was several hundred thousand dollars missing and the mob was looking at him and his sassy girlfriend. To save his own life and protect his reputation, he’d gunned her down with the automatic pistol she’d given him just the year before. As she lay twitching on the floor, amazed at how wonderfully orgasmic all these little holes in her body made her feel, her boyfriend ransacked their flat, looking for a clue to where the missing money was, then fled when sirens pulled up outside, believing her dead. She managed to escape out the back as the cops were storming in the front. The knowledge of the money’s location went with her.Ever since then, she always gave her boyfriends guns, hoping that, if she couldn’t talk them into using them on her, maybe she could piss them off enough so they would, like she had her gangster boyfriend.When she and Frank became ‘involved’, she gave him a beautiful .45 replica of a famous old western marshal’s gun. She didn’t remember who the marshal was. Unfortunately, that gun was the blowup point in their relationship. Frank loved her too much to shoot her. They continued an on-again off-again relationship over the next thirty-odd years until they finally settled into their present arrangement. Sometimes she felt bad about using up half his life span, but she realized it actually had been his choice to follow her from city to city instead of moving on to someone more… productive. It wasn’t her fault he kept tracking her down every time the immortal little vampire changed identity and location.Things happen in threes, people say. Tonight, Béla could point out three good things that were happening in one day.1. She had been ripped up royally by Adam earlier that afternoon.(Her body still tingled from that little session.)2. Frank was finally getting interested in another girl – Correction: Woman. (This one was a real load of guilt off her shoulders.)3. Tonight, she was going to get shot in the cunt.She could hardly wait.Chapter 6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The evening progressed with an agonizing slowness. Tanya’s ten o’clock show was over and Jake left, promising Béla he would be waiting for her outside after closing.The midnight show came and went; the patrons happily throwing their money away for a moment of Tanya’s mesmerizing attention. After Jake left, Jessica came down to help with the workload, much more herself after spending a hour in Béla’s Jacuzzi. She didn’t even behave as though she minded being handled by some of the more rowdy customers, although Frank and Béla kept a close eye on her.By the time two-thirty came, everything was cleaned up and ready for the next day. Jessica was gone and Frank went upstairs with Tanya. Béla imagined she was going to miss a truly Olympic sex session with them. Frank had been positively salivating since seeing Tanya’s freshly shaved (or so he believed) bare pussy from the very first instant she bared it all, brightly lit by the hot stage lights more than four hours earlier.Frank had already guessed that Béla had other plans for the evening because of her anxious behavior. He knew how excited (and klutzy) she got when she anticipated some great sexual misadventure, and he suspected it involved that young pervert cowboy who had scared the carpers out of Jessica. Frank and Tanya listened quietly as Béla closed and locked the noisy front door, then pushed the keys through the mail slot. They landed with a loud clink on the floor.“God, I hope she’ll be all right,” Frank whispered, almost too quiet for Tanya to hear.“You know, I don’t think she can actually be hurt,” Tanya reassured him, “at least, not physically.” She snuggled up to him and began stroking his dick, making it rise, then leaned down and began kissing it. They consoled each other’s worries for awhile, then forgot all about Béla for the rest of the night, each finding the other very much to their liking as though each had been searching for the other a long, long time.Béla turned away from the bar and walked out into the blustery darkness of the street. She heard a car engine roar to life, and walked toward it. When she got closer, she could see it was an old pickup truck. Jake rolled down his window and said, “Get in.”Béla pranced around the old truck to the passenger side as excited as a schoolgirl, eyes glowing in anticipation. She climbed up and landed in the seat, barely able to sit still, and awkwardly swung the heavy door closed.“Where are we going?” she asked excitedly.“You want to be a true submissive,” Jake replied, ignoring her question, “you shouldn’t ask questions.”Béla sat quietly in the dark, smiling to herself excitedly, not even noticing that her transportation had no working heater. After a time, Jake pulled into a driveway. The entire row of houses on that street were dark, and Béla realized that these were condemned structures intended to be razed for the new North Plaza Shopping Mall.“Get out,” he commanded.Béla shoved the heavy, squeaky door open, hopped down out of the pickup and nearly ran into him as they walked toward the door of an old abandoned-looking brownstone. Jake opened the door. It wasn’t locked. Béla noticed there was no lock on the door at all. In fact, half the doorframe was missing.‘All these houses are abandoned,’ she realized, ‘and here I am alone with a strange guy whom I know for certain has a gun on him and wants to tie me up.’ A normal girl would be frightened at this point, but the potential for danger was making Béla more aroused and careless.Jake walked across the darkened room and plugged in a small electric space heater. In a moment it was glowing hotly and radiating enough light to display the small, dingy room, which was good, because the ceiling bulb, dangling down from a bare wire, was burnt out. Béla looked around and saw a bed with a metal frame and a mattress. She didn’t notice any bedclothes, but there were manacles hanging from the wall over the bed.“Is this where you brought Jessica?” Béla asked him.“No,” Jake answered. “Don’t talk. Take off your clothes.”She threw her coat down and nearly ripped her costume in her rush to get naked. All she had on now was nylon stockings. She bent down to take them off.“Leave those on.”Béla stood up quietly, hands folded in front of her, trembling in anticipation. This was starting to be fun. She couldn’t remember the last time she was willingly submissive to someone.“Are you going to chain me up?” she asked hopefully.“Don’t talk!” he snarled. “That’s your last warning!”Béla could feel in his mind that he was acting, mostly for her benefit. He believed this was how she expected to be treated. Jake grabbed her and pulled her to the bed. Béla didn’t offer resistance but he shoved her hard, anyway, down onto the bed without giving her a chance to show she was willing to obey him. She started to rise up, offering her arms for the manacles, but Jake slapped her down, then grabbed her arms and shackled her to the wall. She laid, half on the bed and half hanging from the wall, breathing hard with excitement, her pussy throbbing in anticipation. Jake started to get undressed. He took out a large hunting knife and a gun and laid them on the foot of the bed, obviously trying to frighten her. Béla’s eyes were shining with lust and her heart was racing. She breathed through her mouth in excitement imagining what he might do to her. She was so distracted by her arousal that she couldn’t even read what was in the cowboy’s mind.Jake took all his clothes off and hung them on the wall, up off the floor. Béla realized there were probably roaches on the floor, and wished she’d been more careful disposing of her own clothing. After she thought of roaches, she imagined she could feel insects crawling over her naked skin. Instead of repulsing her, the thought of being forcibly subdued in this filthy environment actually added to her sensual desires.Jake came over and began rubbing his hard-on against her feet, striking her feet with his cock several times. Then he took the knife and began to cut off her nylons. The sensation of her nylons tearing down along her leg and the sight of that wicked knife so close to her soft, sensitive skin nearly drove Béla wild. She was definitely leaking now and she jerked her leg forward, playfully trying to stick herself on the tip of his blade.Jake froze for a moment as he realized he’d just jabbed her inner thigh because of her involuntary, unexpected muscle spasm. He stared as blood welled up from the shallow slice in her flesh, then tore his gaze away to stare into the little stripper’s face to find that she was staring at her own blood with rapt fascination.‘My God!’ Jake suddenly realized, no longer fearful that she was upset at the tiny wound. ‘She really liked that!’Daring to hope that he may have found someone with perverse tastes similar enough to his own that she might stick around for awhile, Jake returned more passionately to the task at hand and continued to cut each stocking down to, but not including, her foot. Then he tied the loose end of each stocking to the metal railing at the foot of the bed, spreading her legs wide. He could see her glistening pussy in the dim light as she shifted her pelvis trying to make herself more comfortable with her legs tied that far apart. Béla tugged playfully at her bonds, realizing that she actually would have real trouble getting loose if she had to, but that danger only added to her arousal. She looked at Jake and waited.Jake stood at the side of the bed, stroking his cock again. Béla gazed at it, wondering when she would get to feel it. He put one leg up on the bed and grunted, spewing cum all over her belly and tits. ‘Damn!’ Béla thought, scowling angrily at him. ‘That sorry fucker didn’t even wait for me! There’d better be more coming!’Then she grinned to herself, thinking, ‘There’d better be more cumming…’Jake climbed up on the bed and stood over her with one foot on each side of her waist, his half-hard, sticky cock only inches from her face. The scent of fresh sperm assaulted Béla’s nostrils, along with a faint scent of soap.“Suck it hard,” he commanded her, leaning forward his hands against the wall to accommodate her lips.‘This is more like it!’ Béla thought to herself, feeling happier now that Jake was including her in his sex play. ‘And he smells pretty clean, too.’She eagerly moved her head forward and stretched up toward his dick, but it was difficult to get the bobbing fleshy rod into her mouth without using her hands. Jake slapped her face and said, “Suck it, Bitch!”Béla was shocked at the sudden slap, then realized that he thought she was trying to avoid taking his dick in her mouth. Blinking her tears back, she managed to catch his bobbing organ against her lips, and sucked it into her mouth. Once she had it, though, she realized it was too limp for her to do much with it. Moving her head back and forth didn’t do a thing – it just followed her movements, so she just played with it with her tongue and tried not to chew too hard.The cum he’d sprayed on her earlier oozed slowly down her breasts and belly, making her skin itch. She squirmed, trying to get her throbbing pussy to relax a little so she could concentrate on getting him hard again. After a moment, she could feel his dick growing in her mouth and was able to suck him properly. He began to fuck her face. When she turned away in protest, he slapped her again.“Suck it!” he ordered.She moaned and opened her mouth. Her eyes were tearing up, again. This wasn’t exactly what she’d had in mind. She was so horny and needed release so badly, and he was truly torturing her.Jake reinserted his dick into Béla’s mouth and fucked her face a while longer. Then he climbed down, sliding his hands down her body, through the itchy, drying cum that was distracting her so badly, and, without any warning whatsoever, shoved two fingers up into her dripping pussy. Béla cried out, in both painful protest and relief, and shuddered to an instant orgasm. Only afterward did she realize that Jake had lubricated his fingers with his own cum while stroking his hands down the front of her naked, exposed body.Jake had his hand, with four fingers flat, already half inserted up and inside her. He tucked his thumb in to his palm and shoved his hand the rest of the way in.Béla screamed, in sudden pain and another orgasm as she felt her insides stretch, then tear to accommodate him. She arched her back upward, twisting her hips wildly in response to his crude, violent invasion of her tender, sensitive pussy. Her confining chains slammed against the wall, as did the metal bed frame. Her left stocking tore off her foot as she flailed on the bed, her back arching high into the air. She came so hard she pulled herself completely off the end of his arm, then collapsed down into the bed, gasping for air.By now, Jake’s dick was rock-hard despite the fact that he’d already come twice and the little stripper had accidentally just kicked him in the head during her wild thrashing. He climbed up over her gasping, heaving body and rammed his cock into her ruptured, bleeding pussy. She cried out and he rammed her again, harder. Béla whimpered with each savage stroke as he started ramming in, pulling out, then ramming in again. Her wrists bled where the manacles savagely embraced them and her body shook violently with her constant orgasms and his brutal fucking.Jake was amazed at the incredible spirit this tiny girl was showing. He knew how much pain and discomfort he was causing her, yet her cries and screams were simply a response to his actions. Not once had she cried out in denial or actually tried to get away from him except when he had earlier fucked her mouth a little too hard.Her soaked pussy was continually gripping his cock as she orgasmed and she was obviously getting off on his brutality as he fucked her as hard and as rough as he could. She was fucking him back as best as she could, as though she believed this was a contest to see how much sexual cruelty she could withstand. He knew by the way she was behaving that she wanted more. She could obviously take more, so he decided to give it to her.He lifted the erotic, thrashing girl up by her twisting buttocks and, holding her firmly so that he could place the head of his dick against her trembling, puckered rectum, let go and dropped her, skewering her ass completely with his dick. She screamed again and bucked back and forth, perhaps a little less energetically, as she was tiring a bit. Fascinated, Jake watched the girl work her hips and stomach muscles, determined to get the best ride she could out of him while she had him. She squeezed her ass against his dick, perhaps trying to drive him out or perhaps to grab him even harder – he didn’t know. Then he was coming, spewing load after hot, salty load of cum up her bleeding ass.After recovering somewhat from his third intense orgasm, Jake said, in a low, rough voice, “You’ve been a bad girl, and you need to be punished.”Nearly exhausted and glistening with moisture, Béla nodded wearily as she hung listlessly from her manacles.“Yes,” she whispered, barely able to form the words. “Punish…”This was what she had been waiting for. Her body was trembling, exhausted, sore and bleeding from their violent fucking, but she was trembling more from what she was certain had yet to happen. This was going to be better than that session with the serial killer last week. She hoped was recovered enough to enjoy it.Jake leaned back, looking for the gun which had thudded to the floor a few moments before when Béla accidentally kicked it off the bed in her orgasmic frenzy.He picked it up and spun the chamber around.“Six chambers,” he said hypnotically, “and one bullet. Baby. It might just be for you…” Jake made a mental note of the position of the shell in the fourth chamber from the barrel, then grinned evilly and roughly shoved the cold steel pistol up against Béla’s bleeding, leaking cunt. She stifled a cry as the cold, hard metal suddenly pressed up against her. Their eyes met. It was difficult to tell whose eyes were more intensely emotional, Jake’s or Béla’s. With their faces only inches apart, Jake began fucking the girl slowly with the cold pistol, pushing it deeper with each stroke until the barrel was completely buried inside her warm, quivering and very wet pussy.“Is it in the first chamber?” he asked her, his voice strangely hoarse with tightly controlled lust. Béla could feel movement against her pussy lips as Jake put his finger on the trigger. As his trigger finger moved, she felt the chamber rotate against her labia and tensed her body, both dreading and needing the explosive result. Béla was shaking uncontrollably by the time the hammer clicked down on the empty chamber. The release she felt was almost orgasmic in itself, but nothing else happened.“Go again?” he asked her, flashing a grin as he stared intently into her eyes. Béla nodded tensely, eagerly, her breathing rapid and shallow as she stared, trembling with fear and anticipation, into the cowboy’s intense, perspiring face only inches away from her own. She felt him move in her pussy as he put his finger on the trigger and began, once again, to squeeze. Slowly… slowly… the chamber barely moved as Jake inched the trigger back. Béla whimpered in mixed frustration and terror, completely unwilling to wait another instant for something to happen.The chamber slipped into its next position and the hammer clicked down on another empty chamber. Béla nearly screamed as suddenly released tension and anticipation overwhelmed her with another orgasm. “One more time?” he queried softly. She stared into his eyes, sweating as well as trembling, now. She felt his finger move again and began to hyperventilate, trembling uncontrollably, her entire body a mass of excited muscles and nerves. The chamber turned. The hammer clicked on an empty chamber and she collapsed onto the bed, shaking and sobbing uncontrollably as she hung helplessly from the wall.As Béla lay on the bed sobbing her frustration, Jake believed she had experienced the ultimate emotion. He also believed she would be too shaken and emotionally drained to try it again, but, according to the game, he had to ask.“That’s half of the chambers used up, Doll,” he spoke, his voice a deadly quiet monotone. “Your chances are getting slimmer. Do you want to try again?” Béla raised her head suddenly and glared up at him, her body covered with sweat, her eyes gleaming. Jake waited for her to say ‘no.’“Yes,” she hissed, her body shaking violently with new anticipation.Their eyes met. Something was different! This was wrong! She felt his finger move on the trigger, then he started to pull the gun out from between her legs.‘This is the chamber with the bullet in it!’ she realized with a start. ‘He’s not going to pull the trigger!’As he slowly moved the gun back, Béla clamped her legs together as hard as she could against his hand and the gun that was still jammed halfway up inside her. “Please!” she gasped, staring desperately into his eyes. “Do it!” Her entire body was rigidly trembling in her excitement and sexual need. She saw Jake slowly shake his head in refusal.“I can’t,” he whispered, staring into her trembling face. “It will kill you!”“You have to pull that trigger at least once in your life,” Béla pleaded desperately at him. “You know that! Do it to me!”Her pussy was pulsing against the pressure of the gun inside her. She wasn’t about to let go now. She’d come too far and was too high on pure adrenaline to let him wimp out now. “This is the time. Do what you really want to! Do it now!” she hissed at him through gritted teeth. “Nobody will ever find out! You have to do it at least once!”“No! I don’t ever have to!” Jake exclaimed, shaking his head in sudden fear of her and pulling back on the pistol. “If you came out here with me so I could kill you, you’re crazy! I’m not going to do it! Even if that’s what you want me to do!”Snarling at his refusal, Béla twisted her body over, trapping Jake’s arm with her legs, and curled herself into a ball, almost yanking the pistol out of his hand. Jake pulled back, trying to keep this fascinating, but obviously insane little stripper from suiciding on the end of his gun. In sudden horror he felt the trigger move underneath his finger. The rest was all purely mechanical. The chamber turned, lining the single bullet up with the hammer and barrel. The hammer came down and there was a muffled ‘thump’ as the pistol kicked in Jake’s hand. Béla’s mouth and eyes were open wide in shocked surprise. There were a few seconds of silence.Chapter 7The fiery pain tore through the center of Béla’s body in an instant, ripping her insides from her womb up into her chest, paralyzing her entire body as muscles and nerves froze at the intense violation. Only once had her body suffered this much, and then so much of her body had been instantly blown up that she hadn’t even felt it – there had been nothing left to feel with! But this fresh tunnel of agony didn’t destroy flesh and nerves, it merely shredded them, leaving raw nerves intact enough to fill her body with white-hot, paralyzing agony. There was no thought of separating herself from the agony of her body so that it could dissipate. There was no thought at all – only pain.After a moment, she noticed she was shaking and holding her belly. Her hands were shredded where she’d yanked them free of her confining manacles, and she couldn’t seem to catch her breath. A whimpering sound filled her head, preventing her from being able to think. The strange, eerie sound seemed to interfere with her breathing, as well. “Oh-god-oh-god-oh-god-oh-god!” Jake pleaded, crying and shaking her hysterically. “Please don’t die! For God’s Sake! Don’t die!” He blubbered the words over and over again as his mind raged against the impossibility of finding anything that would keep her alive even one more minute. Even knowing his hysterical babbling wasn’t helping, he was unable to prevent his sobbing cries from coming out of his mouth.Unable to control the pain or her violent shaking, Béla concentrated on trying to breathe, not understanding what was happening. After some indeterminable time, Béla regained control of her mind and was able to separate from the pain and gasped in relief as it finally dissipated throughout her nervous system, flooding her whole body with a tingling sensation. She didn’t have any orgasms this time, but at least she was able to relax as she healed. She was just grateful to finally stop trembling. When Béla stopped shaking, Jake was sure she was dead.“No!” he screamed, striking her violently. “You can’t die!”“Ow!” Béla whined, “Stop hitting me!” But as her attention was finally diverted away from her own body, Béla was able to uncurl from her fetal position. She rolled onto her back and looked up at Jake. Except for her drying tears, the girl seemed to be very relaxed – almost content. No, pleased. She looked… pleased.Jake gazed down into her ashen, tear-streaked face and burst into tears.“You’re not dead!” he cried. ‘Is he happy or sad about that?’ Béla wondered.As she gazed up at him, Béla realized that she hadn’t really known what to expect from this experience that she’d forced on them both. She had really thought the pain would be more orgasmic in nature – similar to being stabbed, perhaps. But the bullet had traveled so fast and done so much damage so quickly that it took her by complete surprise and she hadn’t been able to handle the violence it did to her insides.She realized one thing, though. Her experience with the gun hadn’t been as satisfying as she had hoped. She was still aroused. But that was probably because of the tingling in her body caused by the dissipation of all that agony in her gut, because when that gun went off, she’d stopped feeling horny – at least until she’d been able to get the pain to dissipate. But her body was regenerating, now, and it wanted to be fed.“Will you fuck me now?” Béla asked, in a baby-girl voice. “If you want, I’ll hold real still for you… so you can pretend I died… I mean, if that’s what you want.”Jake stared at her, not believing or even understanding what she’d just said. “Why aren’t you dead?” he cried, sounding almost hysterical with his sudden terror of things unknown.“I thought you knew,” she whispered, “I heard you say it: ‘I can’t die’.”Jake stared at her incredulously, still not believing what he heard. But he was starting to believe what he was seeing, and his mind was frantically supplying all kinds of terrifyingly imaginative, ghoulish answers.“Fuck me now, please?” Béla repeated her query.Jack jumped up. “You’re crazy!” He fell off the bed and backed away from her, hoping and praying she hadn’t turned into some kind of fucking zombie.“Please, Jake,” pleaded Béla, “I don’t want to hurt you. I need you. I need your strength.” Her hunger was growing. Soon she would lose control and simply take what she needed from him without regard for his continued survival. She mustn’t let that happen, ever again. She reached out a bloody hand to him and gazed longingly into his eyes.“Hold me,” she begged, passionately, “please.”Mesmerized, Jake sat down on the edge of the bed, holding her slippery, warm hand to his lips. Her fingers tasted salty. As he looked at her hand, he noticed long shredded, purplish strands of flesh hanging from her fingers. For the first time, he noticed she had freed herself, pulling her hands right through the closed, sharp-edged manacles. Surprisingly, the skin had grown back on her hands where it had been so cruelly peeled off. The long, bloody shreds of her flesh that remained pulled off easily as they were no longer part of her living body.The taste of the blood on her hand tingled on his tongue and made him feel oddly invigorated. Under her steady gaze, he was getting aroused. After a moment, he realized he was actually going to make love to this girl whose body he’d just ruined.As he bent down and entered her, she grimaced, trembling a little. Then she began to move her hips, matching his motion. She was warm and wet inside. He couldn’t tell she’d been injured at all.“I’ll try not to take too much,” Béla whispered into his ear as she wrapped her arms around him, hugging him against her with his shoulder blades. Jake wondered what she meant, as she hugged him closer and began kissing and licking his neck. But when her teeth sank into the side of his neck, Jake suddenly understood. He’d seen enough late night movies to realize what was happening to him. He was surprised, however, by how he really felt about it. As he lay with the sexy little vampire sucking out his life-blood, he was amazed at how willing he was to let this happen. It was only natural, after what he’d done to her, that she should renew herself by taking his soul. As he passed out from lack of blood, he felt himself coming inside her warm, soothing pussy and was grateful to her for this last gift of sexual bliss she allowed him.Chapter 7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jake woke up with a start. ‘I’m alive!’‘Of course you are. I did my best not to take too much…’‘I was dreaming, wasn’t I?’‘Yes – you were dreaming. But some of it was real…’Jake jerked fully awake and sat straight up in the ratty old bed. The dark-haired little stripper was lying next to him, watching with soft, dark eyes eerily reflecting the reddish, hot glow of the little space heater. Even in that dim, surreal light, her eyes seemed to miss nothing.“I shot you!” he exclaimed, suddenly concerned all over again.“It’s all right,” the girl assured him, smiling in a very content, relaxed manner. “I survived it.”“Was that real? Was I dreaming?” Jake asked anxiously, casting around the dingy room with his eyes.“Perhaps you were dreaming,” the dark girl replied softly. “But some of what you dreamed really happened.”Suddenly frightened, Jake put his hand up against the side of his neck. The wound to his neck was already scabbed over, nearly healed – most likely in the same, obviously unnatural manner that this strange, alluring little vampire had healed after he gutshot her.“You bit me!” he exclaimed. “You’re a vampire!”Béla laughed and bared a row of small, but even, row of teeth. “Do I look like Bela Lugosi to you?”“Well, no,” Jake admitted, looking closely at her teeth. “But you still bit me!”Béla shrugged her shoulders. “Yes, I admit it, I bit you. But you didn’t die, and you won’t turn into a dreaded creature of the night – At least, I hope not…”“I shot you,” Jake said, his memory of the evening returning. “You didn’t die?”“You should be pleased,” Béla replied. “Are you annoyed that I survived? Would you rather have deadfucked me?”“What? No! Don’t be ridiculous!” Jake exclaimed. “I mean – that is ridiculous! You shouldn’t be alive!”Béla sighed and looked up at him. “I found out years ago that I couldn’t be killed. I’ve pretty much been hiding that from everyone ever since. At least, I was until I met you…”“Why me?” Jake asked, his voice still high with emotion. “How did I get so lucky that you’d scare the hell out of me like that?“I don’t know,” Béla replied, realizing she actually didn’t know. “I thought maybe we could be friends… and I really needed you to do that to me.”“I nearly killed you,” Jake said, more softly now. “At least, that’s how you seemed to feel at the time. Have you been shot before?”“Once,” Béla admitted. “My boyfriend thought I stole some money from him that he was keeping for someone important. He shot me when I wouldn’t tell him where it was.”“Did he find out you couldn’t be hurt?” Jake asked, fascinated by this mythical creature lying on the bed with him.“No,” Béla replied. “The cops scared him off. He thought he killed me.”“Can you be killed?” Jake asked, wanting to know as much as possible about her. “I mean, are there circumstances too violent for even you to survive?”“Well,” Béla closed her eyes and said thoughtfully, “I imagine getting crushed or maybe burnt to a crisp would probably do it, but, I haven’t really been interested in finding that out. I’d rather see how close I can come to death and still live.“I have, however,” she continued, “been blown up by a grenade. I’ve also been stabbed a few times with a knife and once with a sword.”‘A sword?’ Jake thought to himself. ‘How old is she, anyway? Does this injury-proof thing ward off old age, too?’“Have you figured out what causes it?” Jake asked, “I mean, why you are so, well, indestructible, I mean? Do you have a magic amulet or something that protects you like that? You know, like some of those comic book heroines?”“No, I don’t think so,” she mused, “There have been a couple of times where I lost all my possessions and had to start all over, but there hasn’t been any one thing that I’ve owned for my entire life like that.”“Have you ever found out what your limits are?” Jake asked, rubbing at the small, itching mark on his neck. “I mean, I think it might be fascinating to find out just how much you can take, you know.”“What do you mean, ‘how much I can take’? Do you have some nice little perverted ideas in that regard?” Béla asked, grinning up at him, already seeing things in his mind she’d like him to try on her.“Well,” Jake mused, “I would like… maybe… Well, I am curious, you understand? You know – like, what would happen if you were gunned down with a machine gun, or stabbed to death. You’re sure you’re okay?” He ran his fingers up and down her stomach, thinking about the bullet that had ripped through her insides and was still amazed that she was alive and talking to him. “I’m fine,” she assured him, “but if you keep touching me like that, we’re going to have to go another round…” She looked up into his face and ran her fingers over his chest and down his belly. Neither seemed to want to stop touching the other. Béla didn’t quite understand it, but she was very pleased that she’d found this guy, and not just because he’d shot her.A little later, as she sat impaled on top of him again, she asked, with a sly grin on her face, “Do you have any more bullets?”“What? No!” Jake replied, astounded that she would even ask for a repeat performance so soon after the last one. She squeezed her pelvic muscles, making Jake groan with new pleasure.“Relax,” she told him, leaning forward to brush her breasts against his chest. “I was just asking…” “I know,” Jake told her. “I want to try more stuff on you, too. I just don’t have anything with me right now.”Stretching forward, she kissed Jake on the neck where she’d bitten him earlier. In this forward position she could grind against his pelvis as he shoved in and out of her. The increased pressure aroused him as well as it enhanced her own sensations.‘What can I offer that would satisfy her?’ Jake thought, trying to control himself. The mere thought of shoving a gun into her soft belly while he was fucking her nearly drove him over the edge to orgasm.“I still have the knife,” he offered, hoping to appease her desire for more rough play.“Oh, kinky!” she laughed, and leaned over the side of the bed to find it. They fell apart, laughing as she lost her balance and had to catch herself with both hands, her upside down head only inches above the floor. She snatched up the knife and hauled herself back up onto the bed the same way she’d come down. Then she and Jake were both silent, staring at each other as each understood that the boundaries of frail flesh no longer applied to them as she held out the knife for him to use on her.Jake seemed unwilling to initiate any activity, so Béla took command and had him lie on the bed, then mounted him like they were before. After silently making love for a few minutes, they regained their heightened sense of sexuality.“All right,” Béla told him, sounding breathless and excited. “I’m ready. Don’t cut your dick off…” “What do you want me to do?” he asked her.“Just shove it in me,” Béla said anxiously as she felt her body shiver in anticipation, “wherever you feel like.” ‘This is going to be good!’ Béla thought, ‘I hope… God, I feel like such a fucking virgin! I’ve been knifed before; why do I feel like this?’Her heart was pounding with sexual tension. He still hesitated.“Jake, you can’t hurt me,” Béla told him. “Look.” She reached out to his hand with the knife in it and pulled it toward her. Her arms were shaking from the tension and excitement she felt. She placed the point of the blade against her belly button.“Now, just push,” she told him, leaning forward into the knife as she forcefully pulled his hand toward the softness of her warm belly.As the tip of the blade penetrated her belly button, she felt white-hot bolts of energy shoot through her belly to her breasts and pussy. She cried out in ecstasy, scaring the hell out of Jake, who immediately pulled the knife back out. A little trickle of blood ran down her belly and onto his. He felt her pussy contract against him several times, and realized that she was having a really great orgasm.He watched as she sat on top of him, her eyes fluttering and her breath rapid and shallow as she recovered. He stared in amazement as the tiny little slice stopped bleeding and began to diminish in size. In a moment, it was gone, leaving only a damp smear of blood where it had been.“Lay back!” Jake demanded breathlessly, so excited at the possibilities that he could scarcely talk.Béla leaned back, still impaled on his cock and grinned at him, her body automatically tensing up as she watched his knife hand. She grimaced and tightened her stomach muscles as he brought his knife hand down. She threw back her head, screaming in both pain and ecstasy as the white-hot blade sank deep into her midsection. Her pussy bathed his cock in its fluids as she came, then his pelvis was bathed in blood as it flowed down from her fresh, new stomach wound.That and the tight clenching of her pussy muscles were all he needed to take him over the edge. He grabbed her and pulled her tightly against him as he came, his cock pulsing again and again inside her sweet, liquefied belly.Jake was amazed at how fast the little stripper healed. As Béla lay on the ratty mattress, Jake poked little holes up and down her stomach and into her breasts with his hunting knife just so he could watch them close again. He was too worn out to have sex with her again and his constant playing with her body aroused her too much to just lie there and let him puncture her like that, so she let him watch her masturbate. Watching her fingers trying to rip her pussy apart while sticking his hunting knife into her belly and thighs easily aroused him again. The male is more visually driven, after all.“Oh, God, Yes!” Béla cried out as she flipped around to receive him from behind. “Shove it in!”She was on her hands and knees and Jake had his hard cock buried in her ass. Straightening up so that she and Jake were both on their knees, Béla pulled his arms more tightly around her and positioned them over her breasts. She grinned as she realized his right hand was still gripping the knife handle.“Use the knife!” she grunted as she pulled that hand down toward her soft belly.“What?” Jake asked, momentarily distracted from the incredible sensation of her tight sphincter muscle sliding up and down on his cock.“Like this!” she cried out, and shoved against his hands, forcing the well-bloodied knife into her torso just below her diaphragm. She gasped in new agony and her body shook at the hot invasion of the blade into her flesh. She could feel Jake anxiously trying to pull the knife back out of her. It was suctioned in pretty well this time and took some of her insides out when it finally pulled free. Thick, dark red blood welled up for an instant, then almost crystallized as it filled the deep hole in her stomach.“Fuck,” Béla gasped. “That felt almost as good coming back out as it did going in…” She collapsed back down on her hands and knees, allowing a few drops of the thick, red fluid to drop down onto the mattress. Neither of them noticed the hole it ate in the bedding.Then Jake was coming again as Béla’s contortions when they both shoved that knife into her belly were simply too much sensation for his cock to withstand without responding. They collapsed down onto the bed, sexually exhausted yet again.This time, Béla’s backside was spooned around against Jake’s front, which made it easy for him to reach around and play with her breasts and body some more. As they lay panting on the bed, Jake gently massaged her tiny breasts, drawing quiet little moans from Béla’s throat.They were both so saturated with sex that Béla couldn’t believe it when Jake reached for that damned knife again. Instead of poking her nipple with it, however, he brought it up level with his eyes so he could look at it.“It’s all pitted,” he said, sounding puzzled. “Your blood must be really acidic.”“I digested the sword that Mongol left me pinned to the ground with,” Béla mentioned, her voice much too casual for the words she uttered. A moment later, she was sound asleep. Jake shook her a couple of times, wanting to ask her about that ‘Mongol’ thing, but she didn’t wake up. Exhausted, Jake fell asleep still curled around her.In the morning, they continued what they had begun the night before. Now that Jake had someone available who wouldn’t die on him if he experimented on her, he wanted to carve on her – a lot. He also found that Béla was agreeable only to the degree that she was sexually aroused, so he used his fingers, tongue and mouth, touching, licking and kissing her all over, keeping her so sensually wanton that it was hard for her to disagree with anything he suggested.“But I’ve already had that done to me,” Béla objected when he wanted to pierce her breasts completely through with the blade to see if they’d grow back. “They healed, but when I’m really seriously injured or wounded, I need a lot of blood to regenerate. I’ve already taken as much as you can safely offer me.”Jake was thoughtful about that for a time. This slight, extremely sexy little stripper was actually an honest-to-god bloodsucking vampire – one of those mythical creatures of the night that no one really believed in but everyone feared, deep down inside. “How many times did he stab you?” Jake asked, his morbid, sexual curiosity overcoming his survival instinct even though he knew he should be fleeing from her this very instant.“I’m not sure,” she admitted. “I was unconscious for awhile. But it was at least thirty times – maybe more. It felt like a hundred.”Jake felt his cock throb to life as he tried to imagine dozens of bleeding, red mouths opening up almost every soft, sensuous inch of her creamy, alluring flesh – her belly slashed open, her breasts mutilated into almost unrecognizable mounds of raw meat…“Yeah,” Béla agreed, easily seeing his projected images. “That’s pretty much what I looked like.”“But even that didn’t kill you?” Jake needed to know.“I was unconscious for awhile, so I missed some of what he did to me,” Béla told him again. “When I woke up, it did seem like I hadn’t been breathing for awhile… Maybe he succeeded in killing me after all. I really don’t know.”“I don’t suppose we could ask your… friend? If he killed you, I mean?” Jake asked, pretty certain what the answer would be.“Sorry,” Béla shrugged, deciding that one shock per evening was enough for any young man. “I survived. He didn’t.”Jake didn’t need to know how her knife-wielding lover had died. He was much more fascinated by just how much mutilation this young vampiric stripper said she could take and still live. She’d even told him she liked to play that game and couldn’t help but wonder at the opportunities she offered him.“I’d like to take some skin samples and look at them under a microscope,” he told her. “Watching your flesh regenerate should be fascinating.”“Really?” Béla asked, not certain how erotic being skinned would feel. “You want to skin me?”Jake grinned and reached for her arousing, sex-scented body again as his cock responded to the visual of his little stripper being totally stripped. Béla gasped as the image in his mind struck against hers, her body reacting pretty much in the same manner as Jake’s to the concept of that much physical mutilation.In less than a minute, they were coupled together again, both breathing with reckless anxiety as Jake brought the dull, pitted knife up between them again. Béla leaned back, assuming this more-and-more familiar pose as the sacrificial victim, then closed her eyes and waited.Jake didn’t stick her in the belly this time. In fact, he didn’t stab her at all. Béla felt the sharp slash of the knife as he sliced a wide, shallow slit across her abdomen. Then he was fumbling around with the rapidly healing wound as though he was trying to get a grip on her raw, bleeding flesh.Suddenly Béla yelped in pure agony and jerked so hard she pulled right off of Jake and rolled halfway down the mattress away from him. Whimpering in new agony, she backed away from him for another instant before regaining her self-control. She noticed his right hand holding what looked like a swatch of material torn into a long triangle shape. It was dripping blood onto his thighs and the mattress.Gazing down at the fiery patch of pain on her abdomen, she could see a similarly shaped, long, dark, bleeding strip of… muscle and blood, but no skin! ‘That’s me he’s holding!’ Béla suddenly realized. ‘That’s my flesh bleeding all over him!’Still staring in amazement at her own, ripped flesh, Béla touched all around her abdomen, being careful not to touch her sizzling, painful wound. Her remaining skin felt so alive and tingly she couldn’t stop touching herself. Raking her nails around her wound, now, she moved one hand up to claw her breasts, and one hand down to work between her legs.“You are one horny vampire, you know that?” Jake asked, still holding her dead, dripping flesh in his hands as he stared at her erotic performance.His words distracted her from her self-absorbed body play. She stared wantonly at him, her eyes glistening with an almost insane need at his hands – one with the knife and one with the limp flesh that had been a living, sensitive part of her only a moment before.And – something else! His cock was hard and pointed right at her. She grinned as she stared at it and moved forward, fully intent on surrounding it with her hot, willing flesh while he (hopefully) tore more long, bloody strips of flesh from her torso. Jake started backward for an instant, surprised by her sudden movement toward him, unsure of her intentions. He stopped as he realizing she was staring at his hard-on and was simply moving forward to ride him again.Béla gave a ragged sigh of pleasure as she slid down to encompass him. Still holding his grisly prize, Jake leaned back, holding himself up with his hands on the mattress behind him.“Do it again!” Béla gasped, breathing rapidly through her mouth in her excitement. “Skin me!”“Oh my God!” Jake whispered, appalled both at the thought of skinning this young vampire alive, and the favorable reaction of his cock to that very visible image in his mind.“Take some off this side,” Béla commanded, her voice still unsteady with the overwhelming lust she was feeling.Jake sliced the tip of the knife under her skin until the entire blade had disappeared but was still visibly outlined just beneath her bleeding flesh. Holding the cut-open flap tightly against the blade with his thumb, he quickly pulled upward and along her body, tearing a fiery, new absence of flesh across her abdomen. Béla screamed again, but didn’t back away this time. Instead, her body convulsed several times, soaking his cock as she obviously came again.“Do my leg!” Béla gasped, shoving his hand with the bloody knife blade down against her creamy thighs. “Right there!”Jake jabbed the knife into the soft, sensuous tissue right next to her bare pubic mound, causing Béla to orgasm yet again. Because of the tight angle, Jake couldn’t pull a layer of living flesh off her inner thigh, but Béla had three more orgasms while he tried. Then she pulled off and flipped her body around again, offering him her backside as she backed up to impale herself on him, again.“Do my back!” Béla pleaded, desperate for even more sensation. “Skin my ass!”In the next few minutes, Jake pulled six more strips of living flesh off her willing, undulating body. By that time, Béla was lying on the bed flat on her stomach, trembling uncontrollably and whimpering with each orgasm and with each new strip torn from her body. Jake’s knees were under her hips as he continued madly fucking her as he skinned her alive.As Jake ripped off one long strip that refused to let go even as it reached her shoulder, Béla quivered and convulsed in one last incredibly violent orgasm, then lay still, completely passed out. Jake fucked her for a moment longer, watching her limp body jerk in reaction to his violent thrusts as he rammed into her harder and harder, loving the limp lack of reaction he was getting from her. Then Jake’s cock exploded with incredible violence into her almost dead body and he collapsed down on top of her, gasping in amazement at the most incredible orgasm he’d ever experienced.Chapter 8 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~It was after three in the afternoon when Béla and Jake staggered back out to his unheated, decrepit pickup. In the daylight, Béla grimaced at the sight of it, wondering that she’d even gotten into such a vehicle. Then she remembered her earlier state of arousal, along with all that wonderful pain, and almost took Jake back inside for another round.She decided not to, though. If she took any more of his blood to regenerate, she’d probably kill him. That wouldn’t be very conducive to a second date. She wanted to be more prepared for next time – like maybe, bring some food?“When can I pick you up?” Jake asked as he pulled up in front of the Target Club.“Whenever you want,” Béla sighed, gazing longingly at him, but almost too weak to even hold her head up. “I’m not working tonight. I can turn everything over to Frank…”“What? You mean quit the cluBéla” Jake asked, startled.“Honey,” Béla smiled. “Last night you provided a hell of a lot more pleasure for me than I ever got out of this club, even with all the gang bangs, and everything.”“So, what now?” Jake asked. “You wanna move in with me?”Béla thought about it for a moment. “I’m not sure.” She grinned, “It’s only been one date, after all.”Jake looked at her for a few seconds, thinking about this unnatural creature and her ‘special’ needs. Béla turned away and started to open the door.“Wait!” Jake exclaimed, suddenly realizing what would make her decide.“What?” Béla asked as she watched him press the cigarette lighter into the dashboard.“Open your coat for me,” Jake told her, gazing at her with an odd look on his face.“What?” Béla asked, confused.“Show me your tits, Bitch,” Jake commanded.Béla grinned and twisted around toward him. She opened her coat, expecting Jake to kiss a nipple or maybe pinch her. Instead, he pulled the glowing red cigarette lighter out of the dash and held it up a few inches away from her breasts.“A goodbye caress until tonight?” Jake asked, holding the lighter closer.“Oh my God!” Béla whispered. “What if somebody sees?”“Just lean forward, Babe,” Jake said softly and pointed the light right at her nipple.Béla gritted her teeth and leaned into the cruel, tiny instrument and hissed as she pressed against it. The smell of burnt flesh filled the cab of the pickup. Then, Taking both hands, Béla grabbed Jake’s head and pulled him closer. She fervently pressed her lips against his, then bit his lower lip, drawing blood.When she let go, Béla was trembling and breathing rapidly. “I’ll do whatever you want,” Béla whispered, her breathy voice hoarse with excitement. “I’ll move in with you if you want me to.”“I want you to,” Jake told her. “I’ll pick you up at eight.”Béla awkwardly turned away, grabbing her clothes and shoes off the middle of the seat. Unsteadily sliding her feet down to the curb, she inadvertently gave a guy walking down the street a really great view of her bare body when her thigh-length coat blew open. She stared at the stranger for a second as he stood transfixed by her naked, exposed body, then blew a kiss at the flabbergasted man and cheerfully waltzed her bare feet into the Target Club.“Hey, look who’s back,” Frank called out, then frowned as he got a better look at her.Béla’s open coat was dirty like it had been dragged across a warehouse floor. There were dark smudges and dried blood on her everywhere he could see skin – her face, hands, legs and feet. He could only imagine what the rest of her looked like.“Exciting night?” Frank asked, somewhat sarcastically.“Oh, yeah!” Béla agreed, determined not to let him get to her the instant she walked in the door.“Kill anyone?” Frank asked in the same tone as the last question – perhaps a bit more ‘neutral’.“No!” Béla said and stomped her bare foot on the wooden floor. Furious at him for getting her goat again, Béla fled up the stairs to her room, not remembering Tanya was there now.“Hi, kid,” Tanya said, looking up from a magazine she had to have read at least fifty times.“Oh, sorry,” Béla apologized as she started to back out of the room.“Wait! Stay!” Tanya said quickly. “Talk to me! I’m bored to death!”Béla grinned. “I thought you and Frank were, um, keeping each other company.”“Honey,” Tanya said jovially, “if I could get up and come greet you, I would!”They both laughed.“So how was your night, Sweetie,” Tanya asked. “I know what Jessica said happened to her, but now I want to know what happened with you and that gun-happy cowboy.”Béla thought for a moment, trying to decide what was safe to tell about. The more she rejected, the redder her face got.“That good, huh?” Tanya finally asked, realizing what was happening. “That’s all right, honey. Frank and I had some good times last night, too. In fact, he just barely got downstairs before you came in.”Béla smiled at the thought of Frank and Tanya banging away all night like a couple of energizer bunnies. “I’m glad you two are getting along,” Béla murmured, her voice barely audible.She stood there in the doorway, not even seeming to notice time passing. After a moment, she almost fell over, catching herself against the door.“Oh, my!” Tanya said, hopping off the bed, then cringing as some unseen part of her body protested her movement. “Honey, you’re exhausted!”Helping Béla over to the bed, she pulled her coat off and sat her down on the bed. Taking a good opportunity to look at her now, Tanya stared down at her with concern. “Honey, you’ve been fucked black and blue! Are you okay? I’ve seen bloated corpses that looked healthier than you!”Béla raised her head up to look at the buxom blonde, barely able to keep her eyes open. “Uh-huh…” she said, unable to move now that she was sitting on her own bed.“You really smell like hell,” Tanya quipped. “I know you’ll never forgive me if I let you under the covers like that, so… come on, honey…”Tanya practically lifted the tiny, naked, dirty, smelly girl and guided her into the bathroom. Once there, she sat Béla down on the toilet, then turned the water on to the Jacuzzi and waited for it to fill.“Frank was right,” Tanya mused. “You are one sex-crazy chick. Is that dried blood on you? Where did all that come from? He didn’t shoot you, did he?”“Uh-huh…” Béla murmured. She started to lean sideways. Tanya started to catch her, but then realized that Béla was only leaning against the wall next to the toilet.“Okay, com’on,” Tanya urged now that the Jacuzzi was half-full. “In you go… Whoops!” Béla rolled right over the edge of the tub and cannonballed into the foot-deep water, splashing it everywhere. When the water settled and Tanya could see again, Béla was curled up in the bottom of the tub. Most of her body, including her head, was underwater. She appeared to be asleep.“No, no, no!” Tanya yelped, reaching down and pulling Béla up by her hair. “Sit up, you idiot! You’ll drown!”“Mnoooo…” Béla complained as Tanya sat her up. “Sleep…”“No sleep!” Tanya insisted. “You’ll drown! Won’t you?”A movement in the doorway caught Tanya’s eye. “Frank! What’s wrong with her? Is she drugged or something?”“Did she have blood on her?” Frank asked.“Yeah,” Tanya said, not knowing what that meant. “Quite a lot, in fact.”“She's probably so tired and hungry she’s hallucinating,” Frank said. “All she’ll want to do is sleep, then she’ll eat everything she can put in her mouth for about two hours straight. After that, she’ll be back to normal.”“Yeah, but what causes that?” Tanya desperately wanted to know.Frank shrugged his shoulders. “She doesn’t tell me what she does when she goes prowling at night. When she gets into more trouble than she can handle, she comes back like this. I don’t ask questions. I’m just glad she lived long enough to make it back.”“When she first came in, she seemed alright,” Tanya replied. “Maybe a little tired, but…”“She almost fell flat on her face at the top of the stairs,” Frank interrupted. “The only reason she got that far was that I made her mad. That’s why I came up here – to see how you two were getting on.”“But she seemed alright,” Tanya tried to tell him. “I saw her get out of somebody’s pickup…”“She’ll act perfectly normal until she’s completely out of energy,” Frank explained. “Then she just… collapses, right where she’s at. I don’t think she even knows she’s going to collapse until she does. Watch her! She's going under, again!”Frank and Tanya both reached down and grabbed her. Tanya just pulled the comatose girl up by the hair while Frank used his hands gently on both sides of Béla’s head. Béla turned her head a bit, trying to kiss his warm, pleasant-smelling hand.“Well, she’s not totally out of it,” Tanya observed.“Maybe not,” Frank mused, “but it’s probably not a good idea to leave her in that much water. I don’t want to find out the hard way that she can drown.”Tanya agreed and pulled the lever to let the brownish, tealeaf colored water out down the drain. “She was really dirty.”“That’s probably blood,” Frank said. “Dirt isn’t that transparent. It’s grayer. You can generally still see through bloody water.”“You hold her,” Tanya suggested, glad to have his help. “I’ll dry her.”While Tanya was hunting up a clean towel, Frank delicately picked up the sleepy little vampire and held her out and away from his body, his hands under her armpits as he let her drain. In a minute, Tanya was back. She just draped the huge towel around the girl and let Frank carry her to the bed. Frank laid Béla down on the bed and stood back up. “She’ll be all right, now,” Frank said, brushing some wet hair away from Béla’s mouth. “Just let her sleep. When she wakes up, she’ll be ravenous. I’ll bring some food up for the both of you. Make sure she eats, or she’ll try to eat you.”“Eat me?” Tanya asked, her voice rising. “What is she? Some kind of succubus?”“I think she may be a vampire,” Frank said, talking in a conspiratorial voice.“What?” Tanya asked, her voice rising. “You’re kidding! Right?”Frank laughed, “Don’t let her bite you!” as he headed for the bedroom door.“Very funny!” Tanya yelled as Frank disappeared down the stairs.“You can’t be a vampire!” Tanya fumed at Béla’s sleeping body. “Vampires can’t go out in the daytime and they sleep in a coffin. Everybody knows that. And they don’t like garlic.” ‘Garlic! Of course! That’ll protect me if she really is one…’ Tanya thought, grateful that she’d figured out a defense.Tanya trotted downstairs wearing a gauzy, see-through robe and headed into the kitchen. Frank was heating some water and there were a couple of soup cans on the counter ready to be opened.“Need something?” Frank asked, smiling as he admired her oversized breasts.“Um, yeah,” Tanya murmured, suddenly embarrassed. “You have a veggie bin or something? I just, um, wanted something to chew on…”“Oh, yeah, sure!” Frank said. He pulled out a drawer with some carrots and celery in it. “This okay?”Tanya pushed the half-dried-up sticks around, vainly searching for that dainty little gray-white bulb of protection. “Um… no, that’s alright, I guess. I’ll do without.”The water was boiling now, so Frank cranked open two cans of concentrated soup and noisily scooped them out into the boiling water, banging a can on the side of the pan to get the last bit of veggies out of the bottom.Tanya carefully sniffed the air over the top of the pan. “Does that have garlic in it?”“What?” Frank asked, then grinned. “Oh, that’s a good idea. Béla loves garlic. She even eats it raw.” He reached over and pulled a package off the top of a shelf. Pulling a clove loose, he handed it to Tanya. “You want to mush it up? There’s a flat knife in the drawer there.”Properly chagrined, Tanya crushed up the garlic, carefully separated the dried skin from the rest, then scooped the good part into the soup.“Um!” Frank said, nuzzling his nose up against Tanya’s hands. “You smell great!”“Yeah,” Tanya said, not very enthusiastically. “Great…”Frank watched Tanya leave the kitchen and go back upstairs. Then, chuckling to himself, he got out another pan and started some water for more soup. His supper (and Tanya’s now) was almost ready – now he would fix something for Béla – without garlic. Béla hated garlic.Béla woke up to the smell of hot soup permeating the room. Sitting up, she shrugged off an arm that was lying limp across her midriff, then twisted around to see who she’d been sleeping with. It was Tanya.Smiling, Béla sat up straighter and suddenly realized how hungry she was. Looking around, she spied the soup bowls setting on the dresser. Walking over, she picked up the full one and began drinking it right out of the bowl. It had been setting there for at least a half-an-hour and was barely warm, now, but it tasted wonderful and felt good inside her.Putting down her now-empty bowl, she checked the other one, sniffed it once, then put it back, wrinkling her nose in disgust. It was almost empty, anyway, so it was no great loss. Stepping outside the bedroom door, Béla softly called down to Frank.“You got any more soup down there? Somebody put garlic in one of these.”“Coming right up,” Frank called out from somewhere below.Béla came back into the bedroom and saw Tanya sitting straight up in the bed, staring at her, her eyes wide and watchful.“He said you liked garlic!” Tanya growled, realizing that Frank had taken her for a long, wild ride. “He said you were really a vampire and not to let you bite me!”Béla gazed at her long, blonde friend sitting on bed, trying not to laugh at Frank’s joke that she could plainly see in Tanya’s mind while also trying to decide what to say to her.“You’re too late,” Béla finally uttered, almost laughing out loud. “I already bit you – yesterday afternoon. Don’t you recall?”“Humph!” Tanya muttered. “Such a good friend! First he fucks me for fourteen hours straight, then he pulls a trick like that! See if I ever talk to him again!”“Fourteen hours?” Béla exclaimed, happy to change the subject. “Wow! The longest session we ever had was six! He must really like you!”“Yeah,” Tanya said, her eyes becoming dreamier, now. “I guess he does…”She looked up at the dark-haired girl standing naked near the doorway. “That was kind of funny, I guess… Imagine, a real, live vampire!”Béla let herself laugh about it, to keep Tanya’s mind at ease. “Well, I guess I have you to thank for cleaning me up?” Béla asked. “Since I woke up in your bed, after all. If I intruded, I apologize. I must have forgotten about you.”“Yeah,” Tanya replied. “You just showed up and fell over. I didn’t feel right about leaving you on the floor, so…”“Thanks,” Béla interrupted. “I guess I should find me some clothes…”“You must not remember that I asked you to stay with me when you first came back,” Tanya mentioned. “You don’t have to go.”“You want me to stay?” Béla asked, grinning now. “Well, okay. Where were we when I woke up? I seem to recall that someone was lying on me…”“You, honey, were right here!” Tanya proclaimed, patting the center of the bed.Béla very demurely climbed up on the big bed and walked on all fours to where Tanya was sitting. The girl’s lips touched delicately, then more passionately as Tanya forgave Frank for his cruel joke about their mutual companion.“Lie down,” Béla murmured, “and I’ll properly thank you for helping me earlier.”Béla eagerly watched Tanya lie back on the quilt. Her eyes feasted on Tanya’s big boobs and that unnaturally narrow waist, but her favorite part was that beautiful little tuft of light brown hair shaved like an arrow pointing to where the secret goodies were hidden.“Take your time, Honey,” Tanya cooed. “I’m not a man so you don’t have to rush everything.”Béla laughed. “Yes, they do rush everything, don’t they…”Béla lay down on the bed with her head on Tanya’s stomach, facing down toward that magical little tuft of hair. She could feel Tanya’s quiet chuckle right through her body, then Tanya began stroking Béla’s ribs and side from behind. Her touch was very soft and soothing.After a moment, Béla reached out a hand and began stroking Tanya’s thigh with her fingers, not yet ready to trace her fingers through her pussy hairs.“Well, you two are getting along, I see,” Frank’s voice sounded through the room. Both girls jumped, annoyed at the intrusion. Then Béla remembered that she asked him to come up.“Soup?” Béla asked hopefully. She was still very hungry. Frank had two bowls.“Which one is hers?” Tanya asked, trying to sound put off by his earlier trick.“They’re both the same this time, so just take one,” Frank replied, almost laughing as he set the bowls down on the dresser. “I’d wait, but I have to open up – it’s almost five already.”Béla scooted off the bed and back over to the dresser. Carefully carrying both hot bowls of soup, she handed one off to Tanya, who nearly dropped it in her anxious rush to set it down quickly to save her fingers.“Damn! That’s hot!” Tanya exclaimed, shaking her hand. She glared at Béla, who was just holding hers like it was room temperature. Steam, however, was roiling off the top of it, so Tanya knew hers was fucking hot, too! “How the hell do you do that?”“What?” Béla asked, climbing carefully up on the bed so she wouldn’t upset Tanya’s soup.“That soup is so hot it burns!” Tanya exclaimed, trying to explain.“It feels good,” Béla replied. “It makes my skin feel itchy.”“Well, what feels ‘itchy’ to you, Sweetie, burns the hell out of everyone else!” Tanya said, not knowing how else to explain it so that this strange dark girl would understand.Béla sighed. “Sorry, I wasn’t thinking.” She sat down on the bed, Indian-style, with her legs folded in front of her and pressed her bowl against her naked lower belly, letting the bottom of the bowl rest on her heel so she wouldn’t spill it while she ate.“God!” Tanya exclaimed, rolling her eyes in disbelief. “How can you stand that? Doesn’t it burn?”Béla shook her head. “I told you. It feels good. I like it.”Tanya suddenly remembered her first night here when Béla had scalded herself nearly unconscious in the shower.“It’s sex!” Tanya exclaimed, suddenly understanding. Béla smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “If I wasn’t eating, it would be.”“Can you stand that much heat between your legs?” Tanya asked, becoming more curious.Béla nodded and lowered the bowl until it was resting up against her labia to demonstrate that it didn’t hurt.“What does that feel like?” Tanya wanted to know, fascinated, now.“The phrase ‘lab experiment’ comes to mind,” Béla said, noticing the intense gaze Tanya was giving her. “But I like it. It makes me feel a little horny.”An image flashed in Tanya’s mind for an instant, then was immediately suppressed. But in the instant it was there, Béla saw it quite clearly.“Firebug!” Béla quietly accused her blonde friend, grinning conspiratorially.“Quiet!” Tanya insisted, suddenly realizing that this strange, alluring girl had read her mind again. “Nobody knows about that!”“I dooo,” Béla crowed quietly. “Wanna play?”“God!” Tanya exclaimed, almost whispering. “You mean that?”“Yeah!” Béla said, grinning and ready to play. “Why not? It’ll be fun!”“You have matches?” Tanya asked, excited now. “Wooden ones are better.”Béla frowned and thought for a moment. “There’re matches in the kitchen.”Tanya sighed, not wanting Frank to find out that she had secret little perversions, as well – not just yet, anyway.“I’ll go get them,” Béla volunteered, bouncing off the bed and nakedly dancing down the stairs.A moment later, she was back, breathless and excited. “I could only find paper ones.”“What did Frank say?” Tanya asked.“He’s out back with a delivery guy,” Béla told her.“Great! Lock the door!”“What?”“Lock the door! I don’t want Frank coming in here while we’re doing this!” Tanya insisted.Béla hopped up and closed the heavy wooden door. She looked at it for a moment, then moved the little lever above the knob. She tested the knob. It didn’t turn.“Okay, it’s locked,” Béla chirped and came back to the bed. “We should probably move the soup.”Tanya handed her a half-empty bowl and Béla picked up her own, then took them both back to the dresser, walking slowly and slurping the remains out of both bowls as she re-crossed the room. She bounced back to the bed much more quickly.“Want me to do you first?” Béla volunteered, grinning with anticipation. Tanya stared at the dark-haired girl. “You know how?”“Sure, watch!” Béla took a match, lit it, then leaned back and dropped it on her breastbone. Then she blew it out and hissed through her teeth, grinning wickedly as she drew in a deep breath. “Wow! That feels hot!”Tanya leaned back on the bed, her legs still folded under at the knees. Her breath was more rapid and shallow than normal.Béla tore a match loose and lit it. Then she tossed it onto Tanya’s belly and quickly blew it out. Tanya trembled and gasped at the tiny, white-hot sensation. Béla picked up the match and looked. There was a tiny burn mark on Tanya’s skin.“It’s going to be a little hard to hide the results of a game like this,” Béla said, very matter-of-factly.“If they’re not too close together, no one’ll notice,” Tanya promised. “Besides, you don’t have that many matches. Especially if you want me to do you, too.”“No, that’s okay,” Béla replied. “If I want heated up, I’ll just go use the shower. This little packet is for you.”Tanya grinned. “I knew there was a reason I liked you.” She leaned back on the bed and waited while Béla lit another match and threw it at Tanya as it still flared. It arched through the air and bounced on Tanya’s breastbone, still flaming. Then it rolled up between Tanya’s breasts toward her neckline. Both girls blew at the match frantically, then laughed at the narrow escape when it went out.“Another one?” Béla asked. “Too many marks and Frank might notice.”“There are places where burn marks aren’t so noticeable,” Tanya murmured.Béla’s eyes widened as she saw the images in Tanya’s mind. Then she smiled and said, “We can always tell Frank you shaved.”Laughing nervously, Tanya scooted down the bed so that her pelvis was more accessible to her co-conspirator. Béla lit another match and held it up close to Tanya’s labia. They both gasped as little hairs flared and curled up into tiny wisps of acrid smoke.Tanya found it hard to remain still while little flares and pinpricks of heat occurred down there where Béla was playing. Every once in a while, Béla would surprise her by brushing her hand against Tanya’s tenderized flesh and blowing on her.After one rather large flare-up, Tanya finally stopped trembling long enough to ask, “How’s it look down there?”“Almost done,” Béla replied.“You mean you’ve burnt off all my hair?” Tanya asked excitedly.“No,” Béla replied. “I’m almost out of matches.”Tanya leaned back on her elbows, somewhat disappointed. All of her skin between her legs felt super-sensitive and she was sure her pussy was leaking. She sighed, patiently waiting for Béla to finish. It had been dark for some time, now, and Tanya wondered what hour it was.Suddenly, a lit match arched over Tanya’s belly and landed on her. Tanya yelped in surprise, then quickly blew it out.Béla was sitting between her legs, laughing. “All done! Wanna see?”“Yes! Of course I do!” Tanya insisted, sitting up, then bending forward to inspect between her legs. “Wow! You’re good!” She reached gently forward with her fingers and touched her bare labia. It was very sensitive.“It feels like I’m sunburned down there,” Tanya said quietly. “I don’t think I better let Frank touch me tonight, ’specially with that raspy tongue of his.”“This’ll heal pretty fast,” Béla promised, bouncing up again. “I’ll put some Aloe on it.”In a few seconds, she was back between Tanya’s legs and smearing soothing cream down there. After a moment of straight nursing, Béla got interested in the folds of Tanya’s pussy lips and began very deliberately spreading cream over every fold of Tanya’s pussy. In less than five minutes, Tanya was bucking on the bed with Béla’s whole hand up inside her again.After Tanya’s orgasm, Béla pulled her arm free and scooted up beside her new friend. Sitting up and holding her hands out in front of her, she lit another match. Carefully keeping it lit, she lowered it down near Tanya’s nipple. It was almost burned down to Béla’s fingers when she dropped it and made a tiny dark mark right on the sensitive tip of her nipple.Tanya hissed in pained pleasure and looked up at her conspiratory little lover.“All gone,” Béla chirped, tossing the empty cardboard over her shoulder.“God, you’re something else,” Tanya murmured, really appreciating Béla’s unusual but sincere friendship. “What do you want to do tomorrow?”Béla slumped a bit and looked down at Tanya. “I’ll be gone tomorrow.”“Why?” Tanya asked. “Where are you going?”“I’m moving out,” Béla told her. “I just came back to pack my things. Jake’s picking me up tonight around eight, I think.”“That’s pretty short notice,” Tanya mused. “You’re sure after just one date?”Béla gazed into Tanya’s eyes for a moment, wondering how to explain.“He’s exactly what I’ve been looking for,” Béla told her. “I’ve heard that before,” Tanya smirked, “just before everything goes ‘Balooey’! What about Frank? You tell him yet?”“You know I haven’t, but he’s yours, now,” Béla replied, almost laughing in a rather sad manner. “I’ve left before, and every time, he follows me. Finally, he has you. And I’ll always have you both. I’m not leaving to run away, this time. I’ll still be around.”She leaned down and kissed Tanya gently on her lips.“So when was all this decided?” Tanya wanted to know.“About a minute before I left him,” Béla told her, “We want to be together so he can explore…”“You’re moving in with a guy who had a brutal gun fetish,” Tanya said quietly. “Don’t you think that’s just a little bit dangerous?”Béla grinned, perhaps a little sadly. “Yeah, I suppose. But there are things about me that he understands. And we want to explore…”“You already said that,” Tanya mentioned. “What exactly are you two going to explore?”Béla sighed, not wanting to say…Suddenly Tanya understood. With a worried smile, she pulled Béla down into a fierce hug. When she released the girl there were tears in her eyes.“Take care,” Tanya whispered. “Are you going to say goodbye to Frank?”“Of course!” Béla snorted, as if that was the silliest thing she’d ever heard. “I could never sneak out under Frank’s radar. I wouldn’t want to. He’d only search until he found me again!”“You should do it now, then,” Tanya suggested, “if you plan on leaving tonight.”“Yeah, I should,” Béla said. She sighed and slid down off her big bed. Standing up, she noticed the smell of burnt hair and sulfur matches in the haze that permeated the room.“You might want to open a window,” Béla mentioned as she unlocked the door and left, still naked.The bar was open and Frank was filling a glass for Jessica as Béla trotted down the stairs, barefoot and naked. They both looked up in surprise at her, along with several other patrons.“Hey, Béla,” someone called out, “You forget something?”“Hush, Carl,” Béla grinned at him, “You’ve seen it before.”Jessica blushed, realizing that her customer, Carl, had probably fucked her boss, Béla, in the Target Room. Everything out in the open like this, especially Béla’s nudity, was upsetting her.“Hi, Béla,” Frank said, reaching back for another bottle. “Did I mention that I was opening up the bar awhile ago?”“Hi, and yes,” Béla replied, sitting her bare butt down on a barstool and ignoring the delighted stares of the half-dozen patrons.“You and Tanya have a good time?” Frank asked, a mischievous gleam in his eyes.“Oh, yeah!” Béla said enthusiastically. “She's really…” Béla sighed, not knowing the word.“Ripe?” Frank grinned at her.“Yep!” Béla chirped. “That’s it! She's ripe! And you know something?”“What?” Frank asked, not certain that he wanted to hear something bad about Tanya.“I think she likes you,” Béla told him. Frank laughed, relieved.“Yeah, I think so, too,” Frank replied. “So, what are you doing down here, naked and all?”Béla sighed and didn’t say anything. Frank looked up from his glass polishing and just looked at her for a moment.“You’re leaving,” Frank said, his voice flat and emotionless.Béla looked away, then nodded. “Yeah,” Béla said quietly. “Tanya thought I should tell you ‘goodbye’ before I go,” “She did?” Frank asked. “Thoughtful. She send you down naked to soften the blow?” Béla grinned nervously and sighed again. “I think… I should tell you why.”“Would it matter?” Frank asked.“What do you mean?” Béla asked, confused by his question.“What if I think the reason you’re leaving is a bad one?” he clarified.“I’d go anyway,” Béla said, trying not to sound defensive. “I have to. This is something I need to do.”“I know,” Frank replied.“You know?” she asked, surprised.“I’ve seen it coming for awhile, now,” Frank explained. “You’re getting bored, again, and some of the regulars have started to ask questions about you, wondering about you and your continued… youthful exuberance.”“You do understand,” Béla said, smiling at him and blinking back tears.Frank smiled and shook his head, then looked away. “No, not really. But that’s because I already know who you are. I know you worry about attracting unwanted attention and you feel the need to move on. But I also know I can’t tell you to stay. Nobody can tell you something like that, not even me.”They looked at each other a moment longer.“Now go get packed,” Frank told her finally. “I don’t want us slobbering all over the countertop. I just cleaned it.”“Frank, I’m just moving out,” Béla told him. “I’m not leaving for good this time. But, in case something happens, you know where…”“I know where the papers are,” Frank murmured, frowning and not looking at her.‘The Papers’ were legal documents transferring ownership of the Target Club to Frank. They were Béla’s ‘jumping’ papers – in case she ever had to leave in a hurry. Frank didn’t know what all ‘The Papers’ contained, but he knew that Béla had set him up so that if something happened to her, he’d be comfortable for the rest of his life.‘Yeah, like I could ever be happy if anything happened to you…’ Frank thought to himself as Béla turned to go back upstairs.Almost automatically, Frank reached out and wiped down the counter where Béla had been leaning on it. He liked things to sparkle and shine. The glasses, for instance, with which he served the customers were always crystal clear. If one got scratched or turned even slightly opaque, he threw it away. He wished everything else in his life was as crystal clear as those glasses.~~~~~At 8:30 that night, Jake came into the bar looking for Béla. Jessica froze at the sight of him.“What do you want?” she asked fearfully.Béla was already on the stairs, single suitcase in hand, having felt him arrive in her mind. She walked over and stood next to Jake, smiling.“It’s all right, darling. He’s not staying,” she told Jessica, looking intently into the girl’s eyes, willing her to relax.Jessica was speechless, not knowing what to say. Béla gazed fondly at the three of them, also not knowing what to say.“It was fun,” Béla said to Tanya, then to Frank and Jessica, “I’ll be in touch. Just think of me as being on vacation, or something.”“You never take vacations,” Jessica whined, not knowing exactly what was going on, but certain that, if it concerned that Jake fellow, she didn’t agree with it.“I’m taking one, now,” Béla replied, smiling at her. “Frank will be in charge ’til I get back.”“Tanya, I know you took a big cut in your rates to come here. If business sucks tonight, you can cash out early.” Then, looking deep into her new friend’s eyes, she said softly, “Stay in touch, okay?”Tanya replied quietly, “I will.”Turning, Béla hooked her arm into Jake’s.“Goodbye,” she said to all of them.Frank waved feebly. The two girls watched her depart silently.Béla wondered if she would ever see any of her friends again as she left the bar. She’d left friends and lovers behind many times in her long life, but this time it was different. This time she was deliberately setting out on an adventure with a man who just might kill her, just to see if he could.End Part 1


阵容:5星冰璃(25、20、25幽两),带你最好的输出装,但头带的乱神头(+法伤的……冰璃:坏了,我也成工具人了) 淬火70无神兵;4星封寒月淬火61(25、20、25妖术,带朱魔可能更好亚洲av无码成h人动漫无遮,要适当堆血和物免,确保不会被秒。我11%气血+5%物免,可以双减攻后无冰铠吃一次反击。)