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“Oh…” I was stumbling over my words and couldn't find the next ones. “And that's…”“Yeah, that's God.” She leaned forward, her large breasts pushing against my chest, and her arms to the sides of my chest, rocking back and forth slowly In my cock.“Oh my god. Our Lord and savior is an asshole.” I sighed, wrapping my hands around her, except my hands were at the bend of her back. “So you're literally a demon? Or an angel?”“It's all just a profession really. Choose whether you wanna chill with humanity or fuck with them.” There was one big question on my mind though. “How would one escape from such a being?”Her eyes lit up just like when I first carried her into the room. Pushing up off of me, she gave me the cutest smile a man could ask for. “I'll show you!” And she began an insane speed, lifting up and dropping faster than I could in my life. A speed one that I couldn't handle.“How the hell…?” She just stared at me with those big blue eyes and smiled. One of those really deviant and hot smiles. Oh my god her smile was so fucking hot. “Aww fuck, Korra, I'm cumming!”“Oh don't worry, I am too,” she strained while spasming as her orgasm coursed through her. Her magnificent pussy clenched around my cock, pushing me over the edge. I came. Hard. Just as the first rocket went through her body, her eyes rolled back as she fell onto me for a second time, and if it wasn't for the endo-orgasmic high I was on, I would have thought she was possessed. Possessed until I fainted too. -_-_-“Please don't do this mommy!” The little girl cried. “It's for your own good baby girl. I don't want to anger your pops, because you know, he can get very unstable very easily.” A loud chain sound filled the surroundings. “I love you, Korra,” the woman's voice was retreating as she called one last time. “Just bear with me, the preparations are almost completed.” “Please don't leave me here,” The little girl wailed.“Max, Open your eyes,” Korra’s voice spoke to me in a soft but assertive voice. “And you forgot to breathe, ” I gasped for air, shooting my eyes open. Korra was dressed in a hoodie that seemed to represent both heaven and hell in one, a color scheme of white and gold, and black and red. “Is that….?” I asked, pointing to the little girl whose arms were tightly chained to the wall and knees bolted to the floor. She was bleeding across her forehead, down her arms and on the back of her right shin. It looked like she was tortured for fifteen hours consecutively. “You're so oblivious. That is me.” She lifted me off the solid floor. “And here is where I escape, but not when. Let's change that.” She lifted her arm. As it became perfectly outstretched, time seemed to accelerate at an alarming rate, to the point where literal days and nights we're passing every ten seconds. “And here we are.” She breathed, fading out into the world around her.“Your father has decided to get rid of you. He says that you aren't worth his time and effort anymore.” A woman that had a similar hood to what present Korra had.The little girl shrieked in despair, ”I was never good enough for him was I?”“No baby, it's the other way around. He isn't good enough for you. You and I are the only ones who have a sense of the living and the conscious, he just wasn't prepared for that. Now, your execution is set for two epochs from now. But you're going to miss that.” The woman lifted up her arm and extended her hand. A bunch of white feathers raised into the air and spun in a torrent, then exploded leaving behind a white longsword in her hand. With one strong swing, she disfigured the jail cell door and strode in. “Here, munchie. Let me get that for you.” She sliced through the girl. Like THROUGH her. The girl fell to the floor unharmed and now unbound, as her bindings were shattered. The woman picked her up and began trudging through the small puddles of standing water, out into the world beyond. -_- After about five minutes of sneaking around, the pair exited the palace of God, and into the cloud district, hovering over our universe. “Hey, wake up, ” the woman hopped up to awake the child sleeping on her back. “We're here.” “What are we doing outside? We’re not supposed to be outside mom!” Little Korra screamed.“Shhhh!” She kneeled on the ground for the little Korra to get off. “You're going to give us away!” Korra climbed off her mother's back and felt the clouds beneath her feet. “Venus?!” A guard yelled. “What are you doing out here?”“Just wanted to take a look at the universe we've built.” She tapped on her daughter's shoulder, and a giant glowing circle erupted from the little girl's heart, and Korra fell to the floor. “I have to do this for your own good. I'm sorry munchkin.” “What is happening to me, mom?” Little Korra yelped in pain“And who is that with you?” The guard questioned after approaching the pair.“Listen to me. That seal is protecting you from your father finding you.” Venus said under her breath. “No one in particular Ares, ” she called out.“Explain yourself. That's clearly the prisoner.” Ares summoned his own feathery vortex, but this one was a broadsword instead of a longsword. “Anyone associated with the prisoner must be abolished.”“You probably won't see me again munchie, but what are my three main rules?” Venus was holding her voice steady while a tear streamed down her face.“One, don't be with anyone you don't want to be with and find the one you love, ” Venus was now crying ample tears, “two, reach your goals and never look back,女人被男人爽到呻吟的视频 ” Venus picked up little Korra, and backed up to the edge of the cloud. Ares summoned other guards to help eliminate the two, closing in on the pair. “And three, survive no matter the cost. Why do you ask, mommy?” Venus let out one sob, sniffled, then spoke, the last words that she’ll ever speak. “I love you munchkin. Live a good life for you, and for me.” And she pushed Korra into the abyss below, right as she was stabbed through the abdomen. -_-I was pleasantly woken by Korra’s sweet lips. By now, I've grown used to the flashbacks and kissed her back. “How was it?” Korra asked.“A little sad, Dontcha think?” I held back a tear.“Yeah, mine’s worse than yours.”“Wait. You saw my life too?”“Of course I did. This isn't a charity.”I paused for a minute. I prefer keeping everything to myself, so having someone else know any of my secrets made me very uncomfortable, and I don't know which ones she saw, and which ones she didn't. “You know what? All of this, ” I laid my hands on her back again. “Is making me exhausted. You down for sleeping?”“Yeah, I'm always down for sleeping.”===My fucking alarm. I fucking hate the noise I chose for it, but I did it anyway, so it'll make me want to get out of bed quicker. At exactly 9:45, the little shit went off. Then, immediately, I realized I wasn't in my bed. For that matter, this room is like five times bigger than mine, and is much better furnished. And, I didn't get the call from Rebecca to tell me to get my lazy ass up. And then my heart tinged. I loved Rebecca, and it turned out I gave it to the wrong person. Fuck her. But, I could smell the enticing smell of bacon. Following the smell, I shit off the little terror and left the warm embrace of the blankets and was quickly reminded that I was butt naked. Fixing that issue, I left to follow my nose into the kitchen where Korra was cooking“Your favorite meal. Blueberry pancakes, bacon, ham, eggs, and fresh-squeezed orange juice.” She said right on cue.“It's like you can read my-”“I quite literally can.” She interrupted me. “And so can you, now that I have marked you.” I gave her a really puzzled look. I don't remember this. “You don't. I did it while you were asleep.” She burst through my thoughts again. “Check your right shoulder.” I lifted up the sleeve of my shirt, and to my surprise, there was a tattoo of an insignia, right above my triceps. “Now you can share my power, but I'll be able to know where you are, what your feeling, seeing, hearing, and thinking whenever and wherever I want.”“And what do your powers include?” I sat at the kitchen island.“‘What powers do you have?’ is a better question, and ‘whatever I give you’ is the better answer. For now, you have the ability of permanent memory and to be able to read and slightly manipulate others' consciousnesses. That means you can only affect the parameters of what they are thinking, and can only force a change if the person is willing or could see themselves thinking of said thought.” She stopped for a second, “and good try, it doesn't work on me. I gave you these powers. Here's your food, you're welcome.” She turned around and handed me a big plate of food and a glass of OJ. “Thanks for the food.” And the food was good. I don't know how she does it, but it tasted quite literally heavenly. I started thinking, a little bit about these so-called powers she gifted me. I mean, why would she give them to a guy she met at a party? And how do I use them?“How do I use these powers?” I asked after swallowing some of my scrambled eggs.“It depends from person to person. And I've already eaten. I'm good.” It was like I shouldn't have even asked.“And how do I get more powers from you?” “That's simple. Fuck any girl and every girl you meet, then I'll give you more powers.”_____________________Hey, Lacuna here. I decided to bust out another one because I was just in the writing mood today. I'm sorry that this one had a lot of backstory, but it introduces the main pieces that I need to establish. As always, comments are always welcome and bring your harshest criticism to me. I desperately need it.